From Broken To Beautiful In No Time At All

  • Each year insurance companies pay out millions of dollars to restoration services to compensate homeowners who have suffered damages to their dwellings.
  • Home insurance companies are obligated to pay for home repairs covered under policies, restoring a home to the condition that it was in prior to the damage.
  • There are “insurance windows” that require a homeowner to submit an insurance claim for home damages in a timely manner. Claims submitted outside of this window are subject to denial by an insurance company.

How Should I Handle A Claim?

  • Dealing with insurance companies can be a nightmare, especially if the damage to your home is extensive in nature. Choosing to have Five Guys Construction submit a claim on your behalf helps to alleviate the strain on you, the homeowner, and ensures that it’s submitted properly and professionally.
  • Allowing Five Guys Construction to submit your insurance claim will help you to get all of the compensation that you’re entitled to. Submitting a claim by yourself can leave you at the mercy on an insurance company that will attempt to lessen the amount that you deserve. We have experience in dealing with the insurance claims process and will fight to get you what you deserve!

Five Guys Wants To Work With You!

  • We know that the last thing you want to deal with after suffering damages to your home is another headache brought on by the insurance company. Let us handle your claim quickly and effectively!
  • We work with you to detail all of the damage done to your home, carefully documenting the nature of the damages and the costs required to repair them. We’ll help you to submit a claim that’s accurate and fair.