Honoring First Responders by Protecting Their Investments

From now until Christmas, all First Responders who schedule a roof inspection will receive ONE FREE YEAR of Overhead Care Club!

We want to thank all First Responders for their service and support of the community. This holiday season, Five Guys Roofing is giving back to those who dedicate their careers to helping keep our families safe. Contact Us now.

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Overhead Care Club Members Receive:

  • Annual Gutter Cleaning — Up to 150 feet!
  • Reduced Diagnostic Fee of $19.95
  • 10% Discount on Repairs
  • Guaranteed appointments within 24 hours*
  • The Roof Care Advantage – Including:
    • 17 Point Safety Analysis
    • Skylight Cleaning
    • Attic Analysis
    • Debris Removal
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Why should I join the Overhead Care Club?

All it takes is the tiniest of openings. With an opening the size of a pinhead, water will find a way in. When it doesn’t, it quickly destroys your safety, comfort, and possessions.

Even worse, you may not even know when water has made its way into your home until it’s too late. You won’t know there’s a leak in your roof until there’s a water spot on the ceiling, a trickle of water down your wall, or an inch of water in your kitchen.

Your roof is the only reliable line of defense from a devastating water invasion.

Your roof is constantly changing. Every heatwave or cold snap expands and contracts your roof. Every gust of wind or drive of rain alters its integrity. Any strength of storm can do invisible damage to your roof’s structure and protection.

In fact, each year weather causes an average of eleven billion dollars of damage from hail, thunderstorms, hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes. You can protect your home and family from the threat.

As an Overhead Care Club member, we’re on your side. We’ll be your eyes when it comes to finding the seemingly invisible signals of water damage before it invades.

First Responders Flyer
First Responders Flyer