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What Is Monsoon Season?

May 15, 2019 6:24 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Many people associate Arizona’s climate exclusively with dry, arid conditions. While these traits do define the majority of the region’s weather patterns, there is one period of each year that dumps tremendous amounts of water and humidity on the Copper State: monsoon season. Monsoons are caused by seasonal shifts in wind directions, which bring different weather patterns with them. Monsoon seasons usually create changes in air pressure that result in heavy rains and powerful storms. In Arizona, monsoon season begins on June 15 and lasts through the end of September. This time of the year is defined by sudden, unpredictable... View Article

Immigration Reform That Meets Workforce Needs for Roofing Companies in Gilbert, AZ

April 26, 2019 10:09 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Immigration continues to be a hot topic in the political arena. Immigration reform is constantly in debate, and new proposals for reform surface frequently. To encourage the success of roofing companies in Gilbert, AZ, we support immigration reform that meets workforce needs. Careful consideration must be made to create laws that will provide the workforce needed by roofing companies in Gilbert, AZ. Without the proper legislation, the roofing industry will suffer from a lack of skilled laborers. The roofing industry supports two specific proposals for immigration reform. Workforce for an Expanding Economy Act This act will establish a visa system... View Article

Why Your Local Roofing Contractors in Gilbert, AZ Support Expanded Workforce Training Incentives

April 12, 2019 10:09 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Roofing contractors in Gilbert, AZ face many challenges. As the economy and workforce change, one of the top challenges is sustaining the roofing industry with qualified technicians. If the roofing industry is to continue to survive and thrive, we need expanded workforce training incentives. These incentives help address the issue of the labor shortage that is often present for roofing contractors in Gilbert, AZ. To promote healthy growth and top-quality work in the field of roofing, we want to see additional training incentives. Here’s how we think they can help. Provide Skilled Employees Current trends in demographics and economics are... View Article

What Are the Benefits of a Flat Roof?

April 2, 2019 12:02 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Flat roofs have been the standard for many types of commercial buildings and offices for ages. Recently, however, the flat roof trend has moved from office parks into neighborhoods across the country. More and more homeowners are opting to build homes with flat roofs as opposed to the standard sloped roofs that we’re so used to seeing. This is for good reason, too—flat roofs have a number of advantages over traditional sloped roofs. This post from your trusted roofing contractors in Gilbert, AZ will cover a few of the top benefits of building a home with a flat roof: Cost... View Article

Tips for Keeping Debris Off Your Flat Roof

March 19, 2019 12:01 am Published by Leave your thoughts

There’s no denying that a flat roof has a number of benefits over a traditional sloped roof. In addition to adding a unique look to your home, flat roofs are easily accessible, and they can even be turned into outdoor living spaces if they’re built properly. However, flat roofs do have one problem that a traditional sloped roof usually doesn’t: debris buildup. Leaves, branches, twigs, dust and dirt are just some of the things that will accumulate on flat roofs if you don’t watch out for them. This post from a trusted provider of roofing services in Gilbert, AZ will... View Article

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