Get Ready to Find and Use Sandbags in Phoenix This Monsoon Season!

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Spring, summer and fall storms are not unusual in some parts of the United States—just talk to folks living here in Arizona. Here, we are known to experience typical seasonal storms that bring rain, dust, thunder and lightning, but monsoons are also on everyone’s radar. When rainstorms are in the forecast, cities all around Arizona offer free sandbags at designated locations. Sandbags can help you prepare and protect your home from flood waters, as long as you plan ahead of time.

What do you need to know about sandbags, and where can you find them in the Phoenix area? Let’s ask roofing contractors in Gilbert, AZ!

The dos and don’ts of sandbags

Sandbagging is a simple, old-school flood prevention technique that is as effective as ever. The key to making it work for your property is to know how to properly use them, and setting them up ahead of time helps a great deal. However, bags that are not filled or stacked properly will be useless. Here are some tips:

  • Filling: Grab your shovel and fill the bags one-half to two-thirds of the way with sand, and only sand—no other materials. When filled, each bag should lie somewhat flat. If you overfill the bags, they will be too firm and they’ll have a hard time fitting snug into one another. Tight bags will make for a leaky sandbag barrier.
  • Stacking: As long as you don’t overfill your sandbags, tying them off is not necessary. Now it’s time to stack your properly filled bags. What you want to do is stack sandbags so the seams between each sandbag are staggered. Make sure to tuck the top of each bag under itself so it can seal under its own weight.

Additional sandbagging tips

Although sandbags are inexpensive (or free through city services), they won’t do you much good if they are filled or stacked incorrectly. Here are our sandbagging tips:

  • Be sure you have enough time to install the water barrier system around your property. Floods can happen at a moment’s notice, but don’t ignore warnings from your city or local weather team.
  • Always have the necessary materials on hand—shovels, stakes, plastic sheeting and caulk—and get sand and sandbags when they’re up for grabs at local sandbagging stations.
  • Note that a permanent or temporary flood wall or another type of barrier does not offer complete protection against flood waters. You must be proactive in your efforts to prevent backflow of flood water through your home’s plumbing system.

Where to find sandbags in Phoenix

You might be able to buy sandbag materials at your local home improvement store, but free sandbag filling and collection stations provided by individual cities don’t normally pop up until a big rain storm is predicted. With this in mind, it’s important that you keep a close watch on the news for updates. For the Phoenix, AZ area, reference the city’s website at for the latest sandbag pickup information. Last year, more than a dozen Phoenix-area cities offered sandbag pickup locations, including Gilbert, which had free sand and sandbags at three local fire stations.

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