What Is Monsoon Season?

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Many people associate Arizona’s climate exclusively with dry, arid conditions. While these traits do define the majority of the region’s weather patterns, there is one period of each year that dumps tremendous amounts of water and humidity on the Copper State: monsoon season.

Monsoons are caused by seasonal shifts in wind directions, which bring different weather patterns with them. Monsoon seasons usually create changes in air pressure that result in heavy rains and powerful storms.

In Arizona, monsoon season begins on June 15 and lasts through the end of September. This time of the year is defined by sudden, unpredictable thunderstorms that role across the desert, bringing whipping winds and tremendous amounts of rain. Flash floods and haboobs, or wind-induced dust storms, are common during Arizona’s monsoon season.

As you can imagine, it isn’t easy being a homeowner under such challenging conditions. Homes are susceptible to all sorts of damage during Arizona’s monsoon season. It’s important to consult with a general contractor in Gilbert, AZ before monsoon season starts to ensure that your abode is ready for whatever challenges the desert may throw its way.

Water damage, wind-induced roof damage and broken windows are just some of the issues that commonly occur for homeowners during monsoon season in Arizona. Consulting with a general contractor before the season begins can provide you with the expertise and maintenance necessary to keep your home safe and secure.

The more you know about Arizona’s monsoon season, the more likely you are to be adequately prepared. Here are just a few facts to know about this interesting weather phenomenon:

  • Lots of lightning: Monsoons are violent weather events—it’s estimated that as many as 500,000 lightning strikes occur during a monsoon. This can lead to a number of issues, including fires and more.
  • High dust walls: Monsoons in Arizona are often accompanied by haboobs, which manifest as giant walls of dust and sand. Haboobs can reach hundreds of feet in height, and are particularly dangerous for drivers and people spending time outside.
  • Nearly a third of the state’s rainfall: More than 31 percent of Arizona’s rainfall occurs during the monsoon season, making this time of the year essential to the survival of many desert ecosystems. In fact, many desert plants also rely on lightning and high winds for successful propagation.
  • Essential for survival: Across the world, monsoons play a vital role in the survival of plants, people and animals. In South Asia, annual monsoons are responsible for the success of agricultural crops. Without monsoons, economies and populations can suffer.

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