What Are the Benefits of a Flat Roof?

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Flat roofs have been the standard for many types of commercial buildings and offices for ages. Recently, however, the flat roof trend has moved from office parks into neighborhoods across the country. More and more homeowners are opting to build homes with flat roofs as opposed to the standard sloped roofs that we’re so used to seeing. This is for good reason, too—flat roofs have a number of advantages over traditional sloped roofs. This post from your trusted roofing contractors in Gilbert, AZ will cover a few of the top benefits of building a home with a flat roof:

  • Cost effective: If you’re looking to save money when building a house, don’t skimp on the quality of materials. Instead, consider adding a flat roof rather than a sloped one. Flat roofs cost about 80 cents per square foot to install and can be installed much faster and easier than a traditional roof. Additionally, you can add solar panels on your flat roof that help save money on your monthly electric bill.
  • Easier maintenance: Cleaning gutters on a sloped roof is a pain in the neck, not to mention the fact that it’s dangerous. Though you’ll still need to clean your flat roof’s gutters and sweep it off from time to time, performing maintenance on a flat roof is a whole lot easier than a sloped one. Any professional maintenance can also be performed much more quickly, which means it won’t be as expensive.
  • Easily accessible: Climbing a ladder to get on your sloped roof and then precariously walking around on it is a dangerous task, and one that can lead to serious injury if you’re not careful. Luckily for homeowners with a flat roof, that’s a thing of the past. Though you’ll still need to climb up a ladder to get onto your flat roof, there’s little need to worry about slipping and tumbling off it once you’re up there.
  • Multipurpose: A sloped roof basically just has one purpose: to protect your home from the elements. That’s not the case with a flat roof. With a flat roof, you can create an outdoor living space for barbecues and picnics, or even start a vegetable garden. As long as your roof is constructed properly, the possibilities for outdoor recreation are endless.
  • Maximize interior space: Flat roofs don’t just allow for more outdoor activities—they also maximize your interior living arrangements. Without those sloped walls that you’d need for a traditional roof, you can easily create a whole new living area up in your attic. Instead of using it for storage, your attic can be a children’s playroom or even an extra guest bedroom.
  • Aesthetically appealing: Last, but certainly not least, flat roofs look great! As long as you maintain it properly, your flat-roofed home will be the talk of the neighborhood.

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