Immigration Reform That Meets Workforce Needs for Roofing Companies in Gilbert, AZ

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Immigration continues to be a hot topic in the political arena. Immigration reform is constantly in debate, and new proposals for reform surface frequently. To encourage the success of roofing companies in Gilbert, AZ, we support immigration reform that meets workforce needs.

Careful consideration must be made to create laws that will provide the workforce needed by roofing companies in Gilbert, AZ. Without the proper legislation, the roofing industry will suffer from a lack of skilled laborers. The roofing industry supports two specific proposals for immigration reform.

Workforce for an Expanding Economy Act

This act will establish a visa system that is appropriate for the current economy. It will allow the provision of a greater number of visas during strong economic conditions and fewer when business is slower. Employers would be required to use an E-Verify system, and they would only be eligible for participation if unemployment dips below five percent.

This system would allow employers to recruit enough workers to grow their businesses while still protecting workers. Under this act, employees and employers have the right to terminate the relationship whenever they want, and the employer is then free to hire another qualified candidate. As workers move from one job to another, they will be tracked in a fashion similar to that used for tracking student visas.

Temporary Protected Status

Roofing companies in Gilbert, AZ support legislation that would allow those who have been working under Temporary Protected Status to move to permanent status. We want to encourage those who have legal status and a good track record to be able to continue contributing to their communities and the economy by remaining with the roofing company in Gilbert, AZ. One proposed act to help these efforts is the Dream and Promise Act. It’s important to support such proposals to encourage stability and growth in the roofing industry. We need to make efforts to keep our current skilled laborers and encourage the development of new candidates for our roofing workforce. Granting permanent legal status to those who are demonstrating success would go a long way toward achieving this goal.

Addressing Issues

It’s important to recognize what the roofing industry provides: family-sustaining jobs. However, roofing companies in Gilbert, AZ are frequently challenged by workforce shortages. Changing demographic conditions require new efforts to sustain this industry. We must look to immigration reform that not only contends with illegal immigration but also meets employers’ needs for skilled laborers. Border security, E-Verify and visa reform are important efforts. We need to end illegal immigration and encourage legal processes that promote economic growth.

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