Protect Flat Roofs from Water Pools, and Other Maintenance Tips

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As roofing contractors in Gilbert, AZ, our experienced team gets a lot of questions about roof maintenance tips and damage prevention. These include questions like, “How do I prevent water pools from forming on the top of my flat roof?” and “What tips do you have for taking care of my roof year-round?”

If you have ever wondered about those questions yourself, then you have come to the right place! With our decades of experience and wide range of services, we take pride in being the most helpful roofing contractors in Gilbert, AZ.

With that in mind, here are five tips for roof maintenance. We hope these come in handy for you and your roof!

  • Prevent pooling: Water pools will form on the top of your flat roof after it rains or snows, as the water collects in lower parts of the roof. This pooling often happens around the perimeter, so installing hoppers can help mitigate this problem. A better long-term solution, however, is to build up the low parts of the roof so ponds won’t form in the first place.
  • Clean your drains: Drains and gutters get clogged, and when they do, it is easier for water to collect on your roof and cause permanent damage. This is why you need to clean your drains and gutters—or hire someone to clean them for you—at least twice a year. This simple task only takes a few minutes, and it can do wonders for your roof in the long run!
  • Check for cracks: When your roof freezes over and then thaws, large cracks and blisters can easily form. These can also form due to a lot of stress, or if the people who installed your roof employed poor craftsmanship. Check for cracks at least once a year so you can have some idea of the condition of your roof.
  • Remove vegetation: It is very easy for flat roofs in particular to collect a lot of leaves, branches, vegetation and other natural debris. Get up on your roof every once in a while to clear this vegetation, before it becomes scummy buildup or causes damage to your roof.
  • Keep heat in mind: Flat metal roofs are highly susceptible to heat damage, especially here in Arizona. The areas where the seams are fastened are the most vulnerable, so be sure to check these areas from time to time. Also look for rusty spots and screws, and make sure no screws are overly tightened.

Roof maintenance might seem overwhelming at first, but in truth it’s mostly common sense, and once you get into the routine, it will be second nature. And of course, you do not have to handle it all yourself—that is what we are here for!

Since 1994, Five Guys Roofing has proudly served as quality roofing contractors in Gilbert, AZ. If you have any questions, or if you would like our help with general roof maintenance, please give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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