The Best Ways to Seal Your Roof

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Seal coating your roof is one of the best things you can do to prolong the lifespan of your roof, protect it from the elements and even reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills. Unless you’re in the roofing industry, however, you might not know how to go about applying a seal coat. That’s why we’re here to help! This post from your trusted roofing company in Gilbert, AZ will teach you all of the steps involved in tackling the job:

  • Buy supplies: It should go without saying that before you start seal coating your roof, you’ll need to head to the hardware store to pick up some supplies. In addition to the actual seal coat, a few of the things you’ll need include a ladder, primer, rolling brushes, bucket, trisodium phosphate, bleach, caulk and safety goggles.
  • Clean: Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to get up on your roof and clean it off. Starting with a stiff brush, remove any flaking or loose seal coat, and then clean up any rust that’s present on the metal flashing. Next, use a mixture of water and trisodium phosphate to thoroughly wash off your roof. Skipping this step will lead to an improperly finished job.
  • Caulk and patch: While you’re cleaning off your roof, be sure to check to see if there’s any damage to flashing that could cause leaks. If so, you’ll want to either caulk or patch up these areas before you move forward.
  • Prime: You may not need to do this step if your seal coat doesn’t require a primer. If it does, though, spread the primer across your roof using a soft brush.
  • Apply: It’s been a long process, but you’re finally ready to apply the seal coat. Pour a small amount of seal coat on the roof and use your soft brush to spread it evenly. Work your way down your roof in small sections, making sure that the seal coat is spread evenly throughout. If you need to apply a second coat, be sure to wait at least four hours for the first coat to dry.

Should I call a pro to seal coat my roof?

Now that you know how to seal coat your roof, nothing’s stopping you from going out, buying supplies and tackling the job, but, we recommend hiring a roofing company in Gilbert, AZ to take care of it for you. Letting professionals handle this process ensures that it’s done correctly, saves you a lot of time and is often a lot less expensive than doing it by yourself. Additionally, seal coating isn’t the safest activity, and it’s one that’s best left to the professionals.

If you don’t have the time, patience or skill to seal coat your roof by yourself, be sure to give Five Guys Roofing a call. As a premier roofing company in Gilbert, AZ, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll complete the job quickly, and for a lot less money than you’d spend trying to do it yourself.

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