What Type of Roof Reflects the Most Heat?

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When some parts of the country get hit with hot temperatures, they can stay very hot for a long time. They may be subjected to toasty hot summers and the kind of dry heat that is hard to describe, but there are things homeowners and commercial property owners can do to lessen the effects of the summer heat. Reevaluating your roofing is a good first step. A roof that is suited to take on hot climates will reflect or release UV rays, rather than absorb them. This, in turn, can make your home or business more energy efficient and comfortable inside.

Do you live in an area where temperatures soar in the summer? If so, avoid installing wood or asphalt roofing. With that in mind, what are the best types of roofing materials to reflect heat? Here are some thoughts from an experienced roofing company in Gilbert, AZ.


Although metal roofing is more expensive than asphalt, it’s a worthwhile investment. Shop around and you can find metal materials that look good and are priced right for your budget. Copper and corrugated steel are two popular options, but basically all metal roofing is known for being able to reflect sunlight and improve energy efficiency. Want even more from your metal roof? Apply highly reflective paints and coatings to improve an already great product.


Rubber roofing is an affordable alternative to more expensive materials like slate and terra cotta. It looks nice, especially since it can take on the look of cedar or slate, is made from recycled materials and is energy efficient. Most importantly, it can protect your home from the scorching summer heat.

Slate tile

If you want an earthier-looking and beautiful roof, slate roof tile may be for you. Slate is eco-friendly and one of the highest quality roofing products on the market, but costs a little more than other options. In addition to beauty and quality, this natural stone is also fireproof—slate is formed by intense heat underground. The fireproof quality is great for homeowners in states that have roofing regulations to combat fire dangers caused by a lack of rain and excessive heat and dryness. Along with good insulation, slate can reduce heat transfer in attics by up to 95 percent!


Areas of the country that are subjected to intense summer heat will feel the benefits of clay roof installation. You’ve probably seen clay roofs before without realizing it. This roofing material is thermal resistant, protective against fires and available in a variety of rich earthy tones. Clay shingles are an attractive option for homeowners looking to enhance their home with a rustic air while battling the heat. Clay, like slate, is a natural roofing product, and that makes it eco-friendly and recyclable.

With so many types of roofs to choose from, it behooves you to take advantage of information available online and to meet with a professional roofing company in Gilbert, AZ. Contact the experts at Five Guys Roofing with questions or to schedule an appointment for an estimate today!

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