Advice from a Roofing Contractor in Gilbert, AZ About Avoiding Roof Rats

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Nobody wants rodents to infest their home or business, but it can be challenging to keep these pests out during the fall and winter seasons. When temperatures begin to drop, rodents like mice and rats seek refuge in homes and businesses where they can find warm, dry shelter and enough food to sustain them. One of the most common pests that ends up in homes at this time of year is the roof rat. Roof rats, also referred to as ship rats, can do extensive damage to buildings and are also known to carry numerous dangerous diseases. The good news is that there are several things that you can do, with help from a roofing contractor in Gilbert, AZ, to protect your home and keep these pests out.

Roof rat basics

Roof rats are so named for their tendency to infest the attics and roofs of buildings. They are usually gray or black in color, and can be as much as 16 inches in length. There are a few signs that you can look for to determine if you have roof rats in your home. One of the most common indicators is the presence of rat droppings, but you should also look for gnaw marks around your home and teeth marks in pantry goods. If you don’t have roof rats, it’s important to take steps to ensure that you don’t encounter an unexpected infestation during the fall and winter months. Here are some tips:

  • Keep your yard clean: Overgrown vegetation, piles of leaves and clutter in your yard may attract roof rats and make it easier for them to get into your home undetected. Keep your yard clean and free of debris to deter rats from nesting there. Roof rats often eat garbage, so you should make sure that all of your waste is secured in bins with lids.
  • Minimize potential food sources: You should put food away after eating and keep pantry items in sealed containers. Plastic food storage bags are easy for rats to chew through and may attract roof rats into your pantry, where they can spread diseases to your family and pets.
  • Keep your home secured: It’s easier to keep roof rats out of your home than to get rid of them once they’re already there, so do your best to keep your home secured. Set traps around potential entry points to your home, and keep doors and windows closed as much as possible. If there are weak spots in your siding, foundation or roof, get them patched to eliminate easy access for pests. You should also make sure to seal off your crawl space to prevent rats from entering your home from underneath.

Contact a roofing contractor in Gilbert, AZ

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