Five Benefits of Repairing Your Roof in the Summer

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Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house, and arguably one of the most expensive parts to replace. This is why you ought to make repairs before that damage gets any worse! Here are five benefits of hiring a roofing company in Gilbert, AZ to repair your roof in the summer.

Lower cost and easier work

Even though it’s hot out, it’s easier to do roofing repairs in the summer than in the winter. During winter, your roof is wet from rain, or it could even be icy. Water and ice pose slip hazards for roof workers. Another problem is cold temperatures. The colder the outside temperature, the greater the possibility that roofing materials will become brittle and harder to work with. Cold weather also means that sealants will take longer to set. Because summer roof work is generally easier and quicker, you may save money on labor costs.

Cooperative weather

Although many parts of Arizona don’t experience severe winter weather, it’s still a better bet to plan on doing roof repairs in the summer. For one thing, winter weather can be tricky. It might be calm outside one hour and raining the next. Your project could be delayed, which is an iffy proposition when you need a solid roof to keep the rain out. Also, a safety-conscious roofing company in Gilbert, AZ won’t work on a roof that’s wet or slick. Performing roofing repairs in the summer means there’s less chance of delays due to weather.

Lower humidity level

Moisture can get inside your home and cause damage, which is why you must be wary of high moisture levels. In Arizona, it’s possible for areas to experience higher humidity levels during the winter season. An experienced roofing contractor will do everything in their power to protect your home during roof repairs or installation, but higher moisture levels can create cracks, or make existing cracks and other roofing problems worse. Due to the lower humidity levels during the warmer months, summer is the most ideal time to move forward with roofing projects.

Cooler indoor environment

It can be a challenge keeping your home in Arizona at a bearable temperature every summer. Your roof can help maintain indoor comfort, but it must be in good condition to combat many triple-digit days in a row. Otherwise, the scorching temperatures can make your house feel like a furnace. That means any damage to the roof could potentially let heat inside the attic, which then creeps into your living space. A roof leak will definitely make it harder to keep your house cool.

Prepare for winter

Having your roof repaired in the summer keeps the heat out now and protects you from the cold when winter arrives. Repairs can ensure your roof is in good condition before winter storms roll in. You won’t have to worry nearly as much about leaks or water damage.

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