Easy Temporary Fixes for Your Roof During Monsoon Season

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Everyone from new residents to lifelong Arizonans knows just how much damage a monsoon can cause. The combination of wind, rain and dust sends everyone running inside to escape the path of the brief, but powerful storm. Monsoons hit sporadically during the summer and into the fall, leaving an extensive amount of damage in their wake.

The roof is one of the most vulnerable parts of your home during a monsoon. It has little protection against the powerful winds and rain. A fast-moving monsoon can rip shingles off and cause existing leaks to escalate, which can lead to rot and mold from the water penetration. The high-intensity storm can also loosen gutters and leave them ineffective as they become clogged with debris. The water will then have nowhere to go but back onto the roof or under the tile or shingles.

After a storm, it can often take hours or even days for a roofing contractor to show up due to the high volume of calls. Knowing how to temporarily repair and protect your roof will help prevent additional damage while you wait for a roofing contractor in Gilbert, AZ:

  • Use a tarp: This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to stop leaking. Cover the area with a plastic tarp to keep additional water from entering the home. Pull the tarp tightly over the span of the roof before nailing it down along the edges. This should offer sufficient protection and keep the damage from escalating until your roofing contractor gets there.
  • Temporarily re-adhere missing shingles: This isn’t a permanent fix, but it will offer enough protection against any lingering rainstorms. Use a heat gun to straighten out any curling shingles before gluing them down with roofing cement. Another option is to nail loose shingles down and then cover the nail heads with roofing cement.
  • Makeshift shingles: Did the monsoon blow away the shingles entirely? If so, your best option is to make temporary replacement shingles out of sheet metal or copper. This fix will help keep the roof watertight just long enough for a roofing contractor in Gilbert, AZ to arrive. Cut the correct shape out of the material and then nail it down onto the roof just like you would an asphalt shingle. Slide the new shingle under the top one using roofing cement before nailing it into place.

These temporary emergency roof repairs will help prevent the damage from turning into thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs after a monsoon. Leaving any leaks or vulnerable areas unprotected can result in additional water damage, mold growth and mildew. Remember that these are only temporary fixes, however; they aren’t an adequate substitute for professional roof repair.

Five Guys Construction and Roofing is ready when you need roof repair fast. With more than 20 years of experience in Gilbert, we know how important it is to restore a roof quickly following the devastating effects of a monsoon. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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