The Secret to Making Your Roof Last 30+ Years.

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There are roughly 3 million residential housing units in Arizona and at least 30% of those roofs are ready to be replaced. Why? The average roof last 20 years before major repairs or a complete replacement is needed.

What is the secrete to making your roof last beyond that 30 years?

The answer can be found in a simple yet profound principle. Maintenance!

Arizona is known for its crazy heat in the summers which bakes our roofs. Its also known for massive monsoons. Both of which decrease the life expectancy of our roofs. The best way to combat the effects our heat and storms have on the roof is to have someone up there at least 1 time a year making sure debris is removed, broken or damaged roof components are fixed and ensure the waterproofing materials are in good shape. The lack of maintenance causes leaks, which can be costly. In some cases, a full roof replacement is warranted.

Don’t wait till water infiltrates your home to call. We have an extremely affordable program – OVERHEAD CARE CLUB- which will maintain your roof and relieve you of the costly repairs down the road.

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