What Is Contractor Financing? What Plans Are Offered by Your General Contractor in Gilbert, AZ?

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Every homeowner has something they would like to change about their home. Maybe it’s updating the kitchen or bathrooms, or fixing a roof that has seen better days. In any event, the reason most homeowners stall out on their projects comes down to financing. They may be able to afford whatever changes they need to make, but they don’t understand how to pay for them. Do they pay cash up front and risk being unhappy with the results, finance the project through a bank or dump it all onto a credit card and worry about it later?

Well, as it happens, there is another option, and that is contractor financing. While not every contractor offers the option, it can be the easiest way to get your project done and paid for. So, what is contractor financing? What financing plans will your Five Guys Construction and Roofing general contractor in Gilbert, AZ offer? Here’s what you should know.

Quick financing options

Unlike banks and other financial institutions, Five Guys Construction offers quick-approval financing to qualified customers. Our paperless approval process can get you $55,000 worth of home improvement cash at a very reasonable interest rate. No more fussing with documents and going back and forth with a loan officer to get your project underway, just a simple yes or no process through Five Guys!

Keeps your cards clear

If you are smart with your credit cards, you know maxing them out and letting the balance linger can damage your credit and leave you paying high interest rates for years. Credit should be reserved for necessities and emergencies that can be paid back in a reasonable amount of time. By financing your home improvement project through Five Guys, your balance stays open and your project gets done!

Following the trends

Believe it or not, 75 percent of all big household projects are financed. Oftentimes, people don’t have the cash sitting around to tackle expensive improvements. Financing offers the opportunity to get the job done while also making it affordable. Depending on the amount and interest rate you are approved for, you may be able to afford paying for a more extensive project than you originally thought. Talk to a Five Guys representative today to figure out what you might qualify for.

Payment flexibility

When it comes to money, more options are always best. With Five Guys financing, we offer more than one way to pay for your project. When cash or checks aren’t options, we accept other methods, too! There is no reason you should paint yourself into a corner like you would with a standard loan from a bank or financial institution.

There is a variety of big home improvement projects that can benefit from the skills and knowledge of a general contractor in Gilbert, AZ. Whether that project is a new roof installation or a replacing an old building’s roof, know that you can turn to Five Guys Construction and Roofing for the service. Contact us to learn more about our easy and convenient home improvement loan options!

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