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Think about all that you have to do in your daily life. Now consider the top priorities you have as an employee, spouse, parent and homeowner. Chances are, within the swirling list of things you have to get done from day to day, keeping up on the health and maintenance of your roof was not even in your top 10.

The irony is that your roof—with the help of the rest of your house—is the only thing standing between you and the harsher elements of winter and the scorching heat of summer. But who has the time? The answer to that question is: a Five Guys roofing contractor in Gilbert, AZ. We help busy homeowners through our Overhead Care Club. Here’s how:

  • Annual gutter cleaning: How many times have you put off cleaning the gutters because something more pressing—or at least more interesting —came up? We’re guessing it’s happened more than once, but that’s okay. With the Overhead Care Club, our specialists will come to your home and clean those leaves and sticks out of your gutter every year. When a gutter backs up, it can lead to localized flooding, water damage and dry rot. Don’t let a clogged gutter turn into a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Let Five Guys tackle the job for you like clockwork.
  • Discounts on repairs: Let’s face it, things happen unexpectedly with homes. Whether they are brand new or very old, things have a way of going wrong when we least expect them. With the Overhead Care Club, our members get 10 percent off repairs to their roofs. From the tiniest pinholes letting water drip into your attic to a tree limb through your garage roof, we offer the same quality of work at a price that takes the pain out of the equation.
  • Appointments within 24 hours: You read that right. Our club members never have to wait to get their roof repaired. Whether you are looking at severe damage caused by a storm or a few missing shingles, our club members get priority booking within 24 hours. When it comes to your home and valuable property, we are there to make sure your roof has you covered.
  • Large debris removal: There are few household chores more dangerous than climbing up on your roof. When you add large debris and power tools into the mix, you are making a risky job even more so! With the Overhead Care Club membership, large debris like tree limbs and branches is all taken care of by trained professionals. Don’t risk your safety doing a job that the pros should handle!

Five Guys Construction and Roofing will work hard to ensure you get the best quality roof to protect you and your family. Are you ready to join our Overhead Care Club? Are you interested in learning a little more about the benefits before making a commitment? Please feel free to contact a Five Guys roofing contractor in Gilbert, AZ, or visit our website to read testimonials from our happy customers!

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