How to Tell if Your Roof Has Hail Damage

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Each year hail causes millions of dollars of damage. The problem is that even small hail can cause big problems, especially for your home’s roof. Small hail can create problems in your roof that are basically invisible from the ground, which means they’re likely to go unchecked until the problem becomes obvious—in other words, when you’re attic starts leaking.

Most people do not even take the time to check their roof after a serious hail storm, unless the problem is immediately obvious. They just take for granted that the roof is there to protect them from all weather short of a hurricane—but that is not always the case. When a hailstorm passes through, it’s important that you inspect your roof as soon as it is safe to do so.

The signs of hail damage on your roof

Scoping out your roof for damage is ultimately going to require you to get up on the roof and get a clear visual of your whole roof. If you see damage in your gutters or downspouts, to your siding or your windowsills, to your deck or porch, or to your outdoor AC unit, the odds are high that you’ll see some damage as well on the roof. So if you’ve just weathered a storm that’s left this type of damage, it’s really important that you get up on to the roof when you can.

Damage to roof vents and skylights

The other things on your roof are more susceptible to hail damage than your average asphalt shingle. Even if your shingles made it without a scratch, you’ll want to look for dents, dings and chips in your vents and skylights.

Damage to shingles

Sometimes it can be difficult to spot hail damage, as the impact marks can be very small, though generally the impact marks will be larger and more noticeable. What you’ll see in asphalt shingles that have been damaged by hail are circular impact zones where the gravel has been torn away and the black asphalt beneath shows through. This poses a problem to your roof, not because the gravel above the asphalt is missing, but because of how hard the hail had to hit to actually dislodge the gravel. It’s inevitable that, over time, part of the shingle will become weaker and more susceptible to a future leak.

For every affected shingle you find, circle the impact scar with chalk. To pay an insurance claim, most insurance companies will want to see more than 8 impacts within a 10’x10’ section on at least three sides of a roof. If you’ve got this much damage, then you are likely in need of professional roofing services in Gilbert, AZ. Take pictures of every impact, and file a claim.

Damage to a metal roof

Spotting damage on a metal roof is much easier than with asphalt shingles. You’ll see dents and discolorations where the hail has impacted. Minimal damage may not need to be replaced, but the damaged spots are the most likely to have problems with rust and wear in the future.

Damage to wood shingles

This is perhaps the easiest damage of all to spot. Your wood shingles can split right in half after being struck by hail. They’re really easy to replace as needed, however.

Find roofing services in Gilbert, AZ

It only takes hail the size of a quarter to do serious damage to your roof. Think about the damage done by the golf ball- or baseball-sized monstrosities that are common in the worst hailstorms. Those baseball-sized hailstones are said to fall at speeds approaching 100 miles an hour. That means it’s like having a world-class pitcher hurl a fastball at your roof over and over. It’s no wonder hail causes so much damage every year.

If you’ve recently had hail damage or are looking to have your roof inspected for damage, or for any other roofing services in Gilbert, AZ, please give us a call here at Five Guys Construction and Roofing. We’ve been in business for over 20 years, and have a reputation for working hard, charging a fair price and putting the customer first. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help.

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