Signs It’s Time for Roof Repair or Replacement

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Unless you get up on your roof regularly, it can be pretty difficult to keep tabs on its overall condition. With that being the case, how can you know when it’s time to work on or replace your roof?

In this post, we’ve collected several of the most common signs that your roof is in need of repair or replacement. If your roof is currently showing any of these symptoms, that’s a good sign that it’s time for you to call for roofing services in Gilbert, AZ right away:

  • Your roof is old: Depending on the roofing material, a roof has a life expectancy of somewhere between 20 years (for normal asphalt shingle roofs) and 50 years (for metal tiles). Even if your roof currently doesn’t have any other visible issues, old age can be a sign that something bad could happen at any time. And if there’s anything else wrong with your roof, age could mean that a problem that might otherwise be fixable with a patch needs to be fixed with a new roof. If your roof is older than 20 years, it is important to regularly take stock of its health. Get up on the roof once every six months or so and look around.
  • Your roof looks bad: If your shingles look bad up close or from the street, or if you notice streaking or shredding in your shingles, especially around chimneys or vents where such problems can eventually lead to leaks, that’s a sign you need roof maintenance. If the fraying or streaking is extensive, you may need a new roof.
  • Granules and chunks of your shingles are breaking off: When you start to see bits of your shingles in your gutters and in your yard where they’ve fallen from your roof, that’s a good sign that your roof is on its way out.
  • Leaks in your attic: If you notice it leaks in your attic after heavy rains or snow, this is a good sign there’s something wrong with your roofing, and it may be time to get a roof replacement.
  • Structural issues: When you’ve got other issues, such as the leaking problem mentioned above, the decking beneath your roof—the beams that form the main structure of your roof—can start to sag. This is indicative of why it’s important to take care of roofing replacement early rather than letting it bleed over into other structural problems. Replacing your roofing materials is much more affordable than replacing your entire roof.
  • Rising energy bills: Another sign of roofing issues is an increase in your energy bills. This one often goes unnoticed, or at least undiagnosed, because it isn’t immediately obvious. But your roof is a huge part of your housing’s insulation system, and therefore factors in quite a lot into how energy efficient it is to heat and cool your home. If your energy bills are suddenly going up, your roof may be the culprit.

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