When Was the First Roof Tile Used?

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Have you ever wondered where tile roofing came from? It’s such a popular roofing option across the American Southwest that it surely has a rich history behind it, right? We were curious, so we did some research about the history of tile roofing around the world, and we’ve decided to share our newfound knowledge with you. Read on to learn about the rich history behind tile roofing in Gilbert, AZ, and where the future seems to be leading us regarding tile roofing technology.

The beginning of tile roofs

Much like democracy itself, tile roofing was invented in Ancient Greece! Terracotta tiles that were baked in the sun were used for roofing as early as the third millennium BC in Lerna, Greece. Due to this amazing discovery, the site the tiles were found at is actually called “House of the Tiles.” The spread of tile roofing continued across Greece through the centuries.

Roof tiles eventually began to replace thatched roofs at temples of Apollo and Poseidon in ancient Greece, between 700 and 650 BC. It goes without saying that tile roofs are much more fire resistant than thatched roofs, so they became ever more popular on important (and costly) temples across the region. Weighing as much as 66 pounds each, these early tiles were very heavy and expensive to make. But the benefit of fire resistance far outweighed the cost of production, so their usage spread even farther.

Rise in popularity

People soon began using tile roofing in mainland Greece, western Asia Minor and southern and central Italy. The Romans eventually invented a new type of tile that created rain channels, which helped keep the inside of homes drier than they had ever been before. These new types of tiles spread along with the Roman Empire, eventually making their way up to modern day England, where they were really useful during rainy days.

Unfortunately, like a lot of things, much of the know-how to create tile roofing was lost when the Roman Empire collapsed. For the most part, folks in England reverted back to using thatched roofs once they were free from Roman rule. That all changed after the Great Fire of London in 1666. After the fire, thatched roofs were banned and the use of tile roofing became mandatory due to their fire resistant nature.

Tile roofing today

Here we are, over 350 years since tile roofing became the law of the land in England, and the material is as popular as ever! Even though we have more options than ever before when it comes to roofing, people still opt for tile for its natural beauty and the value it adds to homes. As long as it’s well maintained by professionals, tile roofing in Gilbert, AZ can last for decades and still look great. Tile doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, new technology has made it possible to use tile for solar panels. Eventually, we may all have tile roofs that help power our homes!

If you’d like to learn more about tile roofing in Gilbert, AZ and the value it can add to your home, give Five Guys Construction and Roofing a call. We have years of experience maintaining and installing tile roofs, so you know you can trust us to do a great job.

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