Finding a Good Roofing Company in Gilbert, AZ

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In the age of Google, it is easier in some ways to find a good roofing company in Gilbert, AZ. You not only get names, but you often find reviews and BBB ratings, too. The difficulty that often arises is in the sheer amount of information you discover and narrowing that down to one contractor. Here is how you can find a reliable roofing company:

  • Request referrals: Before you start a Google search, ask those you trust the most. You likely have at least one friend, family member or coworker in the area who had a roofing job completed lately. If they were happy with their contractor, you have a name to research. If not, you know who to avoid. This is often a great way to start your list without needing to filter through 1,000 search results.
  • Check out online reviews: If you cannot secure word-of-mouth referrals or you want more information on a recommendation, reviews are a great source of research. Yelp, Google, Facebook and Angie’s List all invite reviews of roofers and other service providers. You are looking for more good reviews than bad; remember that some people are never happy. As you read the reviews, look for disturbing patterns like unmet deadlines, shoddy work or estimates that seem to double overnight. If these are common occurrences, find another contractor. Besides consumer reviews, also look up the BBB ratings for roofing companies. A low rating also reveals problematic practices that you will not want to deal with when getting your roof repaired or replaced.
  • Confirm insurance, registration and bonds: Your roofing company should be registered with the contractor’s board. If you discover an expired license or you do not find evidence of their registration, move on. The same is true if you cannot confirm they carry liability or worker’s compensation insurance. Without this coverage, any accidents will fall to your homeowner’s policy. Beware of contractors who refuse to give you insurance information. And even if you do secure it, call the company to confirm its validity.
  • Choose smart—not cheap: Price cannot be your only consideration when reviewing bids and choosing contractors. Saving money costs more in the long run if a contractor is unskilled or uses cheap material. They may also offer cheap bids because they are not paying for insurance or registration fees. You will get what you pay for—eventually. Weigh experience, attention to detail and insurance and bonds against price.
  • Keep it in writing: Estimates and work contracts should be in writing. That confirms an understanding between you and the roofer. Do not offer funds until you inspect the work and confirm it is completed to your satisfaction.
  • Ask about guarantees: Good companies include guarantees. These can include fixing damage for free or the willingness to replace your roof if materials end up being defective. Ask specifically what happens if things go wrong. If the contractor has no answer, move on to your next option.

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