Our Roofing Company in Gilbert, AZ Offers Emergency Tarp Service

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Sometimes, bad conditions make emergency tarp service necessary. If many homes are damaged in a storm, it could take time before we can get to you. Also, weather conditions may make it dangerous to repair a roof right away. That is why tarps are often essential to roof repair. Five Guys Construction is a roofing company in Gilbert, AZ that offers emergency tarping along with other services. Here is what you need to know about emergency tarping, so you know what to expect:

  • Prevents further damage: The main function of a roof tarp is to prevent further damage to the roof. Once your roof is compromised, the worst of the damage will occur as the rain and wind continue to hit your roof while it is vulnerable. The reason we emphasize quick roof repair after an emergency is that the buildup of water or the continuing assault of wind can lead to major problems that can even affect the structural integrity of your home. The tarp adds a layer of protection until we can fix the problem. We use 6mil plastic and fasten it to the current roofing system, which is normally durable enough for most situations.
  • Not a long-term solution: Emergency tarping is a measure taken when repairs are imminent. It is not meant to be a permanent or longer-term solution. After all, it is impossible to give a warranty against roof leaks with emergency tarp service, because no tarp offers the same durability as a roof that’s in good repair. While you are better off with emergency tarping than if you forgo it, do not think you are waiting months or even a year to make a repair, because the tarp will not remain effective that long.
  • Service is fast: Our service technicians can arrive within three hours after you discover the need for emergency tarp service. You will not be left waiting for days while the problem becomes worse. We arrive in a timely manner to reduce the chances of further damage and support successful repair.
  • Repair credit available: When you order emergency tarp service, you receive a $100 credit towards roof repair or replacement. If the damage is not covered by your homeowner’s insurance, this can make a big difference.
  • Tarps are good sized: Our initial sizing covers up to 1,000 square feet. After that, we charge $100 for each additional 1,000 square feet. You will likely cover your roof damage with at least 2,000 square feet, unless the damage is extensive.

Five Guys Construction is a roofing company in Gilbert, AZ that can also provide emergency tarp service. Call us today when your roof requires emergency repairs.

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