Talk to Your Roofing Contractors in Gilbert, AZ About Repairing Your Roof Before Replacing It

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A roof project can be a tricky situation for everyone involved. When dealing with an issue, replacing a roof can be the answer, but it should never be the first thing that comes to mind. Certain problems might be centered on just one specific area, and sometimes extensive refurbishing is the best way to add additional years of life to your roof.

If you don’t feel like you have truly gotten everything your current roof has to offer, then taking the route of a repair project might be the best way to go. When talking to roofing contractors in Gilbert, AZ, it’s best to start by comparing the difference of long-term costs between repairing your roof and replacing it completely. Here are some of the advantages of repairing rather than replacing.

  • Beat it to the punch: Regular roof repair and maintenance is the best way to take good care of your property. Often the hardest problems to fix are the ones that start compounding over time. A small leak or faulty installation that goes untreated or ignored will only get worse as time goes on. Fixing them early can prevent a small problem from turning into a big one.
  • Save your money:Finding roofing contractors in Gilbert, AZ that can both repair and replace a roof gives you the ultimate flexibility on how you want to spend your money. Talking over the immediate costs of a repair vs. the long-term costs of a new roof provides the best insight to your next move. It isn’t uncommon for putting money into a repair to give you results that are just as good as a complete replacement.
  • It’s in the design: Sometimes just a few design tweaks can make all the difference for a faulty roof. Small additions or changes to the design of your roof can stop recurring problems.
  • Health risks: Constant upkeep to your roof will avoid those major health risks that can occur when a problem is being put off. If you wait to the very last second before making a final decision on a roof replacement, sometimes you can end up being a second too late, putting your property—and people inside—at a greater risk. Investing in repairs and maintenance is the best way to avoid any major disaster.
  • There is still life in it: Above anything else, repairing your roof can prevent you from making any premature decisions. Just because your roof is causing problems, it doesn’t mean it can’t be salvaged. Simple repairs and maintenance can add anywhere from five to 10 years to the long-term functionality of your roof.

It’s just the nature of the beast that your roof will experience annual wear and tear. With regular upkeep and maintenance you can avoid the task of a complete roof replacement and extend the life of one of the most important aspects involved in a well-kept house. Five Guys Construction has nearly 20 years of experience and there isn’t a project we haven’t seen before. Call us today for an estimate!

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