Hosting This Holiday Season? Be Ready for a Crowd with a Kitchen Remodel in Gilbert, AZ

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If you’re a homeowner, then you likely have all sorts of home projects in mind. You’ve put them off in the past because of obstacles like time, money and simply not knowing where to start, but suppose it’s your goal this holiday season to cook and serve dinner in a completely remodeled kitchen. Don’t go another year with a lack of storage space or those ugly countertops. Make this the year you do something about it!

Here are a few top signs that you should give yourself a kitchen remodel in Gilbert, AZ this holiday season.

It’s hard to move around

It doesn’t matter if you move fast or slow while working in the kitchen. The more important thing is how you use the space you have. If you cook meals most days or the kitchen is an area where your family likes to hang out, consider a kitchen layout to match your lifestyle. Move the counter island out from the middle of the room, add a bigger countertop or even relocate large appliances to less inconvenient spots.

Most importantly, the kitchen needs enough space for you to maneuver without knocking into fixtures or other people. This is especially a problem during big holiday dinners, a time that calls for more than one cook in the kitchen.

You’re left out of the conversation

So, you love to cook, and you enjoy cooking for company. But what you probably don’t love is being left out of the fun when guests are over because you’re stuck in the kitchen. Consider taking out a wall or section of a wall during your kitchen remodel in Gilbert, AZ to expand the main kitchen area out into the dining room for easy flow from kitchen to table. In turn, you’ll be better able to join in on conversations with your holiday guests.

Limited storage space

Look in your cabinets; now check out the drawers. How are you doing on space? Before the holidays kick into full gear, schedule a residential contractor to assess those old cabinets as well as unused space that can be turned into storage. Also, as your family grows or your place gets dubbed the official dinner party house, your refrigerator and freezer may need an upgrade to hold more food.

Holiday dinner party prep tips

Here are a few tips for getting ready to host a party during the holiday season:

  • Clear as much counter space as possible so there’s room for food and desserts. This means putting away small countertop appliances and other items you are not using.
  • Leftovers are inevitable—and delicious! But you’ll need to clean out the refrigerator of old food items to ensure room for holiday leftovers. Also clear old items from the pantry so you have shelf space to stock your favorite non-perishable holiday ingredients, such as candies, cake mix, frosting, canned yams and breadcrumbs.
  • Emptying the sink and dishwasher makes for an easier time cleaning up after dinner. Doing so will also help you keep your sanity.

Whether your kitchen update is going to be a gift to you or you just need to get ready for all that upcoming holiday cooking, contact the professionals at Five Guys Construction to start planning your kitchen remodel in Gilbert, AZ today!

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