The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid During Your Upcoming Home Remodel

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Renovation has the power to completely transform your home. Even the most outdated kitchens and poorly designed bathrooms can be transformed into a modern beauty. But, a great project can quickly turn into a big mess. A small mistake could turn your house into a disaster zone instead of your dream home.

Luckily, with some planning and foresight, you can make it through your professional bathroom or kitchen remodel in Gilbert, AZ without any major financial setbacks or extended construction timelines. Here are the top three mistakes to avoid during your upcoming home remodel:

Not establishing a budget

Your first step when considering remodeling any room in your home is to set a basic budget. This number doesn’t have to be exact yet, but it should give you and your contractor a general idea of what exactly they have to work with.

While it’s always possible that unexpected expenses and accidents may call for a small budget increase, it’s worse to embark on a project without any guidelines. Your contractor needs to know the limits when it comes to creating your dream home. Not establishing a clear budget can lead to different conversations when you have to tell construction crews that there’s no money left during a kitchen remodel in in Gilbert, AZ!

Change in plans

Remodeling your home is a major undertaking. It takes time for an experienced contractor to create the plans and select the right type of marble countertops or hardwood floors. Changing your mind about certain aspects during the middle of the project can take a major toll on both the budget and the project timeline. Try your best to stick to your original desires and vision.

It’s your home, so you have every right to speak up if you really hate the color of the tile as it’s being installed, but remember that any changes could affect the overall budget or completion date.

Slow decision making

Quick decision making is a must during any renovation. Time is literally money—whether it’s a small decision, like picking between silver or brass cabinet handles, or a major choice about whether to add an island to your kitchen design. Each day your contractor has to wait for your decision is a day they might not be able to work. You may still be paying for a day’s labor even if the only work that was done was you stressing over paint swatches!

Before embarking on a renovation, homeowners should spend some time discussing any potential situations and possible outcomes with their contractor in case they were to arise during the remodel.

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