Protecting your Roof during the Arizona Monsoon Season

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Living in Arizona has some amazing and unique benefits. From sunny weather practically every day of the year to mild winters, many families are proud to call the state home. But, the Grand Canyon state also comes with a variety of unique challenges, like 100 degree summers and the infamous monsoon season. These harsh storms are completely unpredictable, striking anytime from June to September.

Any seasoned Arizonan is well aware of the potential damage the dust, winds and rain can wreak on your home. Your roof is especially vulnerable during a monsoon. High powered winds can rip off shingles, while heavy rains can lead to leaking and water damage.

Keep your home safe this monsoon season by taking a few preventative steps to protect your roof:

Remove any potential threats

While that tall palm outside of your home might look great, it could be a major threat to both your home and family during a monsoon. High powered winds that could potentially reach more than 60 mph can easily rip off tree branches, which could crash onto the roof of your home or smash through a window. Avoid any problems by regularly trimming trees around your property throughout monsoon season.

Check your roof for damages after each storm

After a storm rolls through, check your roof for any signs of damage safely from the ground. Examine the roof for any missing shingles, exposed areas or damaged gutters. Inspect the interior ceiling and attic for any signs that water has begun leaking through the roof. Avoid climbing onto the actual roof until you have a better idea of whether or not it is stable!

If you feel confident, pull out the ladder to get a closer look at any potential damages. Remember to be incredibly careful, as your roof could be compromised even if it looks secure and intact. Do not stand or walk on your roof if you don’t feel safe. Don’t hesitate to call a Five Guys roofing contractor in Gilbert, AZ if you have any concerns about the stability of your roof.

Schedule an inspection

The simplest and most cost effective way to ensure your roof will stay strong during monsoon season is to have an inspection performed by a qualified roofing contractor in Gilbert, AZ. This should usually be done at least once a year—preferably in the early summer months so any potential issues can be identified before the first storm hits.

A qualified contractor will identify any brittle shingles that are easily susceptible to hail damage, areas where water could leak through, clogged gutters and any large branches that could destroy your roof if they were to fall.

Save yourself time, money and a major headache by calling Five Guys Construction today to schedule your annual monsoon inspection. While our team can’t stop the weather, we can help you ensure your home is well prepared for anything Mother Nature throws your way.

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