Busting Myths Regarding Foam Roofing in Gilbert, AZ

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Foam roofing is a supreme roofing option that many homeowners tend to overlook for one reason or another. Perhaps they’re not ready to invest in something they don’t fully understand? Maybe they’re more comfortable with a material they know? Perhaps they’ve heard some bad things about foam roofing that have deterred them from even considering it?

The last instance is actually one of the most common—there are a number of myths and fallacies floating around out there regarding foam roofing in Gilbert, AZ, generally precipitated by those who don’t understand the material or its application. Five Guys Construction is here to help dispel some of the falsehoods associated with foam roofing, to help make sure you’re getting valuable information about this excellent roofing material.

Myth #1: Spray foam is expensive and doesn’t provide the same ROI as other roofs.

This myth is actually closer to a bold-faced lie! The real truth is that spray foam roofing is actually among the most affordable of all materials per square foot of coverage! Not only that, but it’s also one of the most energy efficient and green, meaning the savings you’ll see from utility bills will continue to complement its price. Over the life of a spray foam roof, you’re likely to see some of the lowest costs available in the roofing industry.

Myth #2: Spray foam roofing doesn’t last as long as shingles or tile.

When people hear the word “foam” they tend to associate it with weakness or a softer texture. The reality of this myth is that spray foam roofing will last just as long (if not longer) than these other roofing material options. With proper maintenance and reapplication, spray foam roofing can last for decades!

Myth #3: Rain is a killer of spray foam roofing.

Rain is a killer of any roofing! Moisture is the number one detractor from any type of roof, including spray foam—however that doesn’t mean spray foam is a lesser material than any other. With proper application and maintenance, a spray foam roof will fend off water as well as any material. The only concern with spray foam is that it’s applied to flat roofs, which tend to see more ponding water naturally.

Myth #4: You can’t walk on a foam roof.

Again, people hear “foam” and they assume weakness. The fact of the matter is that spray foam, when applied correctly, can support an average of 40lbs per square inch—enough for someone to carefully walk on.

Myth 5: Animals will ruin spray foam roofing in Gilbert, AZ

Animals are going to get on your roof one way or another. Birds will nest there, squirrels will scamper up there and any number of other animals will come into contact with it as some point in time. That being said, your foam roofing isn’t in any more danger than your tile or shingle roofing! The polyethylene foam used for spray foam installations isn’t exactly a welcoming substance for animals!

So there you have it: some of the biggest myths about spray foam roofing, busted. If you’re unsure about this option when the time for a roofing replacement comes, talk to a Five Guys Construction professional to get the full scoop on how you might benefit from spray foam.

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