Top Four Benefits of Customized Home Additions in Gilbert, AZ

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Homeownership is so much more than simply possessing a structure and living in it. You have the job of maintaining the integrity and cleanliness of your home inside and out, and sometimes repairs are needed while other times call for replacing home fixtures and features.

But all these duties aside, you also get to decide on some fun stuff, like building useful add-ons to your house—how exciting! If you’re considering making a change to your home, know there are many benefits of customized home additions in Gilbert, AZ—here are four of those benefits.

To have space for loved ones

Whether it’s your adult child moving back home after college or you are welcoming in an elderly parent needing in-home care, you will want them to have their personal space, a room to call their own. If your home’s square footage is less than adequate to accommodate an extra person or two, then a home addition could be the way to go. Attach an entirely new room—walls, ceiling and floor—or work with your contractor to extend a smaller existing bedroom.

Make some extra money

Many homeowners these days supplement their income by renting out a spare room in their home. However, if your budget allows, consider building a combination bedroom and bathroom, which you can then rent out. Renting out your room addition for a time is an easy way to offset the building costs of the addition, or you can rent it out indefinitely to boost your monthly income long-term.

More space for your hobbies

Raise your hand if you could use a designated space to do your art or writing, to practice your music or to have the perfect indoor climate to store your wine. Not only is having your own private space to enjoy your hobby important for focus, it also keeps your stuff from spreading out all over the house. The upside to building a customized space for your hobby it that you get to design it to fit your exact needs—such as a light-free room for a photographer’s darkroom or a temperature-controlled space for a wine enthusiast’s cellar.

Enjoy more natural sunlight

A home addition is not limited to four walls and a door. In fact, if you like a lot of sunlight or love nature, you can transform an open patio or area right off your backdoor into a beautiful year-round sunroom. A sunroom adds more usable square footage to your home, while at the same time costing you less to build than a typical room add-on. You will also gain the perfect space for entertaining guests, while the area can also serve as a sanctuary for relaxing on the weekends and winding down in the evenings after work.

Whether you desire extra space for storage or living or an unexpected life change has family members moving in, a home addition may be right for you. If home additions in Gilbert, AZ are in your future, contact the team at Five Guys Construction for help in getting the planning process started.

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