Four Critical Components of a Kitchen Remodel in Gilbert, AZ

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Planning a kitchen remodel in Gilbert, AZ can be both exciting and overwhelming. While the investment will definitely outweigh the cost, a kitchen remodel has the highest cost per square foot to renovate, due to the size of the project. Quality materials are the biggest drivers of cost in a remodeling budget, however an investment in contemporary amenities can also deplete your budget quickly.

One way to keep from breaking the bank and help the project move along quickly is to keep the most important aspects of the remodel in mind. Pinpoint the items that are crucial to a beautiful and functional kitchen space and make sure you’re allocating time and money for these things first, above the bells and whistles that might send your budget over the edge.

Not sure what these aspects are? Here are the four most important areas of your upcoming kitchen remodel in Gilbert, AZ to focus on:


Flooring is one of those things that’s often an afterthought during a kitchen remodel in Gilbert, AZ. The flooring will ultimately help to set the mood for the entire room, which means it’s a major focal point. A wood floor is a classic choice if it’s within the budget, but tile is just as luxurious an option and is often easier to clean. For those on a tighter budget, one option to consider is stained cement because it’s inexpensive, easy to clean and can be tailored to fit the atmosphere of your new kitchen.


There are countless cabinet options available to remodelers, in a variety of types and finishes to meet any budget. Consider carefully, however: cabinets are the number one definer of a room’s aesthetic! Whether wood, glass or a custom faced, make sure your choice of cabinets fits the mood of your kitchen. It’s also essential to make sure the function of your cabinets is complementary of your needs. Dedicating a fundamental portion of your kitchen remodel in Gilbert, AZ to focusing on cabinets means getting the best in both form and function.


The countertops can change everything in a kitchen. Countertop color can dictate whether the kitchen is light or dark, soft or bold, modern or classic—the countertop has quite the role in the atmosphere of your kitchen! Certain countertops, like a bold colored option, can make a statement and serve as a focal point, while a butcher block countertop is the perfect option for at-home cooks as you can cut food directly on the surface. Selecting a countertop doesn’t have to be based entirely on appearance, as functionality should also be a major consideration.


Fixtures are the finishing touch to any kitchen remodel in Gilbert, AZ. This can include everything from light fixtures to door handles to the sink faucet. One option is to coordinate the fixtures throughout the entire kitchen for a sleek, modern and uniform look. A more unique option is to select one statement piece, like a beautiful copper sink faucet, to serve as a focal point in the kitchen and help shape the mood. Whatever you do, make sure you’re budgeting appropriately for this essential aspect of the final remodel.

Keep the above four things in mind when it comes to budgeting and your kitchen remodel in Gilbert, AZ is sure to turn out great!

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