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Bring up home additions during the winter, even in Arizona, and people find the idea crazy. The truth of the matter is that this is the perfect time of year to start planning for remodeling or home additions. This process goes way beyond ripping out walls and installing fixtures, so starting it now can support a smoother process and a more beautiful home later. If you have been considering home additions in Gilbert, AZ, here is why you do not have to wait until spring or even summer to contact a contractor:

  • Thorough planning: There are no successful construction projects without planning. You may have a good idea of how you would like a space to change and expand, but the specifics likely escape you. In this no-pressure time, you can find the details that will make the project. Do you require more space, or more efficient space? With the right planning, you may be able to save on construction costs by expanding less and installing built-in bookshelves or other features in the room or part of your home that presents shortcomings. Or, after some consideration, you may decide that another spot in your home is better for your vision of a larger playroom or elaborate library. When you start early, there is less need for rushed work.
  • Proper legal steps: When you invest in a home addition, you will also require a property survey and permits. Any blueprints will likely require county approval, too, and this process can be time consuming during the busy season. These steps are crucial because the legal consequences of violating permits or encroaching on a neighbor’s property line can be stifling. Even if that addition only crawls over the property line by one inch, there are still significant costs—normally in the form of removing your addition and rebuilding it. Any information discovered during this due diligence period can help change plans and assure they meet legal specifications. That adds to your peace of mind.
  • Mental preparation: Construction can be overwhelming and disrupt your routines. If you are expanding on your kitchen, for example, there will be functions that are not available to you during that time. Not only is design planning necessary, but you will also have to put in a fair amount of life planning. Find low cost restaurants, move a refrigerator into your garage and take any other necessary steps so the disruption does not affect you as dramatically.
  • Contractor time:  Since this is a slower time of year for contractors, you will have more time to discuss goals and ideas to assure you get what you need. Your contractor will also not be overwhelmed, so permit paperwork and other steps can be accomplished efficiently. If your addition is one that can be performed in any weather without risking damage to the rest of your home, your contractor could start building now so you can enjoy the changes well before spring.

Ready for new home additions in Gilbert, AZ? Give Five Guys Construction a call today to start planning and receive estimates.

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