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Foam roofing has been around for 45 years, and yet it remains a mystery to many. It is a viable option for both homes and businesses with its cost-effective installation and insulation properties. If you are considering having foam roofing installed, here are the most common questions you may have about this roof type.

What is foam roofing?

Foam roofing in Gilbert, AZ gets its name because it starts out as a liquid, and then foams to a hard surface, which makes up the new roof. It contains two ingredients: isocyanate and polyol.

Depending on the type of building, foam roofing can be adjusted to various thicknesses, slopes and thermal resistance. Once installed, operators also add a protective surface, which is also dependent on the building type and environment. It is in many ways the ultimate customizable roof, which is why it is popular with commercial buildings.

How is it installed?

Before installation, the roofing surface is cleaned of all contaminants. Once the surface is completely dry with no dirt or oil residue to affect application, the installation process begins.

An operator takes the two ingredients and combines them in a piece of equipment called a proportioner. That tool heats the elements until they combine and form a liquid, which is pumped through to a spray gun. The operator applies this substance on a roof surface to create the foam roof.

What are the advantages of foam roofing?

Foam roofing is preferred by many customers for a variety of reasons. Some of these include:

  • Flexibility: The foam is easily adapted to odd-shaped roofs or those with tight spaces. While these conditions can prove challenging when installing shingles, with a foam roof, installation is just a matter of pointing a spray gun in the right direction and operating it properly.
  • No seams: Roof seams are the primary cause of leaks. Since the foam roof creates an encompassing shell there are no seams and a lower likelihood of leaks.
  • Insulation: Foam roofs have the best insulation properties of any roofing material available. Add a reflective layer to your roof, as well, and you will better control your cooling costs in the summer.
  • Low maintenance: This option does not have the same maintenance requirements as other types of roofs, and it is easily repaired. When it does require replacement or adjustments, there is substantially less waste than with other roof systems, making it sustainable, as well.
  • Lightweight: With fewer materials required to put these roofs together, the average weight of a foam roof is 50 pounds per square, as opposed to the usual 800 pounds per square. This is another element that makes this a less expensive option.

Is foam roofing waterproof?

Foam roofing acts as a better air and water barrier than other types of roofing. It has fewer dew point problems and its lack of seams also heightens the waterproofing properties better. When there are breaches in the roof, it is normally isolated to one small area and can be easily repaired with elastomeric caulk.

Five Guys Construction can install, recoat and maintain foam roofing in Gilbert, AZ. If your commercial roof requires help or you decide you want to change from shingles to foam, give us a call today.

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