Improvements to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel in Gilbert, AZ

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Investing in a bathroom remodel in Gilbert, AZ gives you an opportunity to improve elements behind the scenes in your bathroom. It is also a time to add efficiency or update components. If you are planning on a bathroom remodel, consider adding these improvements. You will appreciate the new effects and enjoy new benefits:

  • Water-saving fixtures: There are faucets and showerheads available that go beyond improving your look. They can also cut down on water usage, which lowers your environmental footprint and reduces your water bill. You are also less likely to notice the difference with the developments available today. Low-flow showerheads can offer a luxurious shower with appropriate water pressure while using less of it. For your sink, check out faucets with easy-turn dials and touch-on/touch-off systems with water flow control.
  • Tankless water heaters: Imagine never running out of water again—especially if you have company this holiday season. Tankless water heaters create an on-demand system that heats water as it is requested. There are no tanks storing it, so not only are the days of a sudden cold shower gone, but you also use far less power than you would heating stored water in a conventional tank. You can even run a washing machine while taking a shower without any noticeable drop in water temperature. People who upgrade to a tankless water heater often wish they’d done so sooner!
  • New pipes: Remodeling is a good time to replace those under-the-sink pipes that spring a leak every month. If you have an older home that still has lead pipes, this extra step becomes more essential, since those can be dangerous. With your bathroom being ripped apart anyway, you might as well replace these aging components and remove any drain blockages that you’ve overlooked for a long while. The last thing you want is for your new bathroom to flood because that old pipe finally gave way.
  • Water-saving toilet: Toilets are water hogs, and if one is leaking or running constantly, that is when you will most likely see your water bill spike. While low-flow toilets are often associated with poor flushing, new innovations make this less of an issue. Like low-flow fixtures, you will hardly notice a difference now. This is also a time for you to upgrade your toilet to a new style or color. If there is an adult with disabilities in your home, choosing a model at a comfortable height will help support independence and safety for that individual.
  • Tub replacement: You may already be upgrading to a neck-deep luxury pool with spa jets. If not, ask yourself whether that old fiberglass tub is really a good match for your new bathroom. Tubs wear out eventually and may leak without you ever noticing it—until a section of your floor gives out due to wet rot. Upgrading to a stronger material and a new look will work to your advantage.

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