Shower Enclosure Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel in Gilbert, AZ

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The shower is where you bathe, but it is also where you start or finish your day and collect your thoughts. Since you will use it most days, you might as well make it a peaceful place that adds aesthetic value while also performing its utilitarian function. If you are considering a home bathroom remodel in Gilbert, AZ, you likely want to change your shower, too. Here is an overview of six popular shower enclosure options to give you ideas for your optimal bathroom:

  • Textured glass: A stylish alternative to frosted glass, this gives you the privacy you desire with a new look for your bathroom. It can take on the appearance of running water or a series of geometric shapes. Only your preference is the limit. It is transparent and allows light in, which makes your bathroom seem larger. People often choose textured glass for hallway or guest bathrooms.
  • Frameless enclosure: If you want an easy-to-clean enclosure that is less likely to grow mold and mildew, the frameless enclosure is your best choice. All it needs is a wipe-down and dirt and fungus will remain at bay. The frameless style can also adjust to any shape you wish, including round, square or octagon.
  • Aluminum and glass: Some people want a modern industrial look to their bathroom, especially if they live in a modern loft or refurbished bungalow. Using aluminum framing, you can set up frame panels for an eclectic style. Design any other shapes to create a unique frame or cast a specific shadow pattern. This flexible style is only limited by your imagination, so feel free to turn your shower into an exhibit of self-expression.
  • Glass blocks: Resembling blocks of ice, glass blocks create an enclosure that requires no door. It sets up walls to control water, but also comes in textured patterns for a clean look with strong lines. You can play with the layout to create an ice fort appearance, or go for something more traditional. There is ultimate flexibility with this option that helps it work for many bathroom layouts.
  • Tile and glass: Start with the frameless enclosure and add tile. You can set up a tile enclosure with glass doors to upgrade an older style. Another option, if the shower walls are on the interior of the bathroom, is to lay out bright tiles so your frameless enclosure becomes a bathroom centerpiece.
  • No enclosure: For a bold, almost daring style, tuck your shower against a wall, set up one tiled wall to keep water from flooding the rest of your bathroom, and go without an enclosure. Your shower then becomes a unique walk-in feature with no doors or step-ups in your way. Add a heated shower floor or heat lamp to make this a cozy oasis.

There are many shower options available for your bathroom remodel in Gilbert, AZ, whether you want a minor adjustment or a whole new look. Contact Five Guys Construction to arrange for an estimate and get started on making the best use of your bathroom space.

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