Invest in Roof Leak Repair in Gilbert, AZ Before the Problem Gets Worse

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Roof leaks can happen for all sorts of reasons. The primary culprits tend to be age and severe weather. A small leak can develop underneath loose flashing, missing shingles or from a damaged area after a storm. Having a small leak develop is only a major problem if you choose to ignore it. Small leaks are easy to fix and will cost you next to nothing, whereas water damage and larger leaks can be extremely expensive to repair and may even result in your needing a new roof.

Do not try and fix small leaks on your own—a professional roofer is far more likely to repair the problem correctly. Here is why you should remember to invest in roof leak repair in Gilbert, AZ before small leaks turn into big ones.

Why sooner is better than later

Fixing a small leak sooner rather than later can make a huge difference. Repairs will be easier and cheaper to make if you catch the problem early, so never ignore a roof leak, no matter how small. Unfortunately, in many cases, by the time the signs of a leak become visible—such as noticeable water damage in the interior of your home—the bulk of the damage may already have been done. Even if this is the case, the sooner you act, the sooner the problem can be addressed.

In addition, remember that preventative maintenance can help you avoid leaks in the first place. In addition to investing in immediate leak repair in Gilbert, AZ, having routine maintenance done on your roof is crucially important.

The danger of water damage

Small leaks inevitably will grow larger. Once a leak has developed, it is only a matter of time before the hole grows bigger, more water is allowed in and water damage occurs inside. Water damage can be very expensive to fix. Wood framing can become damaged, the underside of the roofing is prone to severe water damage and the inside of your attic can develop mold and mildew. All of this can happen very quickly once a small leak has formed.

In order to avoid these problems, it is important to inspect after severe weather and to have routine inspections yearly. Proper maintenance efforts to monitor the roof’s condition each year will catch areas that are likely to leak and allow you to fix them before they do.

Call today

No matter what type of roofing maintenance or repair you need, rely on a professional roofer for inspections, maintenance and leak repair in Gilbert, AZ. Expert roofers can perform visual inspections designed to catch minor issues before they turn into major problems. Having a pro keep a watchful eye on the condition of your roof and offer the best materials and methods of roof leak repair is the best way to prevent serious water and roofing damage from occurring.

Give Five Guys Construction a call today so you can have a professional roofer come out and do an inspection, and remember that taking preventative steps now will certainly save you money in the future.

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