Call a Roofing Contractor in Gilbert, AZ for Repairs After a Storm

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When severe weather hits, your roof may not be the first thing you think about. Once the storm clears, however, it is important that you remember to inspect your roof for any damage. Storms that involve hail or high wind speeds are particularly likely to damage roofing. Not only is it important to do a routine check on the damage done to your roof, it could save you more money in the long run compared to letting any damaged areas get worse. Here is why you should call a roofing contractor in Gilbert, AZ for repairs after a storm.

Types of storm damage

Storms can easily damage roofing, especially if your roof is already pretty old and beginning to show signs of its age. Damage to roofs can be caused by high winds, hail, rain and more. Strong and rigorous storms with high winds can easily tear and remove shingles from the roof, leaving your home exposed to the elements. Hailstorms can dislodge protective shingles, again leaving the roof exposed to rain and sun damage. Even light winds can cause shingles to curl over a long period of time.

Meanwhile, small areas of damage can easily lead to leaks, causing further damage if not addressed immediately. If the wind itself doesn’t cause damage to your roof, a fallen branch can easily leave behind its mark. Basically, severe storms are well known for causing serious roof damage.

Inspecting after a storm

Since storms can easily damage roofing, it is imperative to inspect for damage once the storm has passed. Even better is to have a professional roofing contractor in Gilbert, AZ conduct the inspection. The goal is to find any areas of damage, whether completely obvious—such as when shingles are discovered in your lawn—to less noticeable issues, like small leaks.

If conducting a basic inspection on your own, start by inspecting from the ground and eventually make your way up a ladder to get a better look. Also go into your attic to look for wet areas indicative of a leak. If you are uncomfortable doing the inspection on your own, call for professional assistance right away.

Calling the pros

A good idea is to call a professional roofing contractor in Gilbert, AZ to perform an inspection on your house. If there is noticeable damage on the roof of your home, you should contact your insurance company immediately before hiring a roofer to perform the repair. This is so the initial damage can be assessed, and if the roofer has caused more damage while he is up there, it should not count towards your premium or your repair costs.

In summary, perform routine checks on your roof for damage, especially after a storm, and keep an eye out for early signs that your roof is damaged to avoid higher repair costs in the future. A professional is more likely to spot any damage caused by the storm, so consider relying on their expertise. Do not ignore your roof after a storm, since it could wind up costing you more in the long run. Call Five Guys Construction today if you need a roof inspection after severe weather.

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