Call for 24-hour Tarp Service When Storm Damage Occurs

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Although even a common rainstorm can worry some homeowners about damage, when monsoon season occurs, it’s normal to be more worried than usual.

Monsoons occur when there is a shift in wind direction from a high pressure to a low-pressure system. When land is heated, low pressure occurs in the air surrounding it. However, it takes much longer for water to heat. This causes a high-pressure area. During most parts of the year, the wind will blow from the land to the ocean, from a low-pressure area to a high-pressure area, causing the air to be dry. However, during monsoon season, the wind blows from the ocean, a high-pressure area to the air, a low-pressure area, causing the water to come with it. This causes excessive rainfall in many parts of the world, including North America.

These storms can cause much damage to your house. The force of the wind can tear the seal of the shingles off the roof of your house, destroying the shingles and causing water to come in. It can also knock objects like tree branches or even trees themselves onto the roof of your house. In addition, trim strip can be missing and damage to the exhaust pipes, outer edges of the roof and the angle of the roof to the walls can occur.

When this type of damage occurs, it’s absolutely necessary to call for tarp service in Gilbert, AZ. Contractors can fix this damage easily and thoroughly. They will cover your roof with a tarp if the damage was enough to completely destroy the roof. They will also board windows or doors due to an excessive amount of wind. In addition, they will help with water removal from the rain the roof couldn’t keep out.


There are three types of damages strong winds and excessive rain can cause your house: interior damage, water damage and structural damage. Interior damage includes damage to the ceiling from rainwater, as well as damage to the paint and plaster on your walls. In addition, the water will most likely ruin any light fixtures or ceiling fans.

Water damage, especially water that stands for a long period of time, can cause mold and mildew to build up. Black mold, which most likely appears after serious water damage, will form on wood framing, walls, floors and ceiling tiles. Mold and mildew can be a serious health risk, especially to those who have respiratory issues.

Most importantly, water can cause a compromise to the structural design of your house. This includes damaged rafters and damaged ceiling joists. You could find that the wall frames are no longer standing strong. The trim boards and exterior trim can also be weakened by the storms. This is a problem to fix immediately before a ceiling or wall comes crashing down on you, your loved ones, or personal expensive belongings.

For tarp service in Gilbert, AZ or for any help after severe storm damage from wind and rain, call Five Guys Construction.

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