5 Factors to Consider Prior to Your Bathroom Remodel in Gilbert, AZ

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Thinking about a home improvement project to take on this summer? Taking on a bathroom remodel in Gilbert, AZ is a great idea any time of the year. In fact, renovating a bathroom can increase home value, aesthetically improve your home interior and make your bathroom more functional. Like any other home improvement project, it is important to do some research before hand, come up with a general plan of what you’re looking for and then hire a quality contractor who can turn your dream bathroom into a reality. Prior to getting too far into the planning, you may want to consider these five factors.

  • Budget: Budget is always the bottom line when it comes to a bathroom remodel in Gilbert, AZ. Looks and functionality are of course important, but at the end of the day, it is crucial for you to set an overall budget that is realistic but that also allows for some flexibility. Talk to a contractor about the square footage of your bathroom, and how extensive of a remodeling project you intend to do, and see if they can offer some cost estimates for you to consider. Set a realistic budget, but also remember that you will not be remodeling your bathroom again for a long time, so sometimes the extra expenses you originally did not factor into your budget are worth it in the long run.
  • Local permits and regulations: Permits and other regulatory matters need to be addressed before any home remodeling project begins. While you easily could concern yourself with the specifics, it is much easier to find a contractor to do it for you. When hiring any contractor, make sure you ask about whether or not this is something they handle.
  • Space considerations: Aside from your budget, the size and space you have to work with are the key limitations on your bathroom remodel. Get your square footage, your shower or bath size, your toilet space and your vanity cabinet size. Make sure you measure evenly under the sink to both sides of the plumbing. Take note of your clearance under the door. This will determine how much room you have to add flooring or replace the old floor with something else. There are infinite possibilities when doing a bathroom remodel in Gilbert, AZ, but understand that the space will dictate whether or not certain things, such as a double sink, are practical.
  • Wants and needs: During your research, make sure you are considering what your wants are, as well as what your needs are. By doing this, your contractor can help you prioritize certain items over others, which eventually will help keep you within your budget. As you might expect, certain flooring materials and fixtures will cost much more than others, so figuring out what is really important to you is a critical step in getting the finished product you are after.
  • Quality contractor: When assessing the best contractor for your job, the old fashioned methods are still the best. Look for a proven track record and references from satisfied customers. Look at their commitment to professionalism and their standing in the community. As always, your contractor should be licensed, bonded and insured so that your interests are protected and you’re in compliance with local regulations. Consider contacting Five Guys Construction for any further questions you may have about your bathroom remodeling project.

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