Four Exciting Trends For Your Kitchen Remodel in Gilbert, AZ

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Kitchen remodeling is popular because it offers a superior return on investment. Nothing will attract future buyers to your home like a well-equipped kitchen with all the latest modern fixtures. Check out these four trends to see how your kitchen remodel in Gilbert, AZ can be both eye-catching and functional.

Custom countertops

For countertop material, quartz seems to be overtaking granite. It is tough against scratches, burns and chips, and has an easy-to-maintain exterior, thanks to it being natural stone.

Besides choice of material, other options have also emerged for countertops. Built-in butcher blocks, marble pastry slabs and decorative material all figure prominently in new kitchens. Some countertop designs also include shelving, normally made from attractive woods like mahogany. Owner preference seems to be the only limit.


Did you leave your iPad in the bedroom but really want to keep tabs on the news while you cook? Have no fear—the Samsung HomePAD refrigerator has an Internet display right next to the water and ice dispenser. Even kitchen appliances are becoming interactive. While the HomePAD remains a prototype, other plans also include coffee makers that can be activated by a smart phone and stoves that can turn themselves off.

Touch-activated faucets

This trend seems gimmicky until you consider the utility of it. When your hands are covered with chicken juice while preparing dinner or you have been working in the garden all afternoon, turning on a faucet will often leave you with just another item to clean. But with one touch of these new faucets, your germ sharing and dirt spreading can be kept to a minimum. It also eases the task of turning off the water between chores, which can be essential when water becomes scarcer.

Drawers and more drawers

Many of us grew up with the junk drawer in the kitchen, but these new designs go way beyond that. Drawers are not only used for silverware or that collection of dead batteries no one wants to throw away, but now contain deep pockets for heavier items, like pots and pans. Being able to open a drawer for a favorite cooking implement, instead of bending down and even crawling on the floor to search for that one lid in the back of a cabinet, definitely has its advantages. For smaller stuff like the silverware or batteries, customized dividers help with organization.

Drawers are also used for appliances. Side-opening ovens can be installed to open like a drawer to prevent crouching and bending, with the same feature offered for microwave ovens. Dishwashers also adopted this drawer style and even blend in with the cabinetry. This creative development makes for the ultimate accessible kitchen.

Built-in coffee center

Save counter space and integrate the coffee maker like it’s a large appliance. Built-in coffee centers join into the cabinets to create a customized look that makes getting your morning fix more attractive and much easier. Models include the same features as countertop models, including programming and auto-off, but exist in an attractive space rather than being an on-counter nuisance. Many create coffee, espresso and cappuccino with no effort beyond pushing a button.

Whether you are looking at a classic kitchen remodel in Gilbert, AZ with only a few changes or you are looking for an overhaul complete with modern customized features, Five Guys Construction is prepared to build your dream kitchen. Give us a call today to see what we can do to upgrade your kitchen.


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