Be Prepared for Home Additions in Gilbert, AZ

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It is exciting to plan and anticipate new additions to your home, but the process also requires attention and planning. Whether you are performing the additions yourself or hiring designers and contractors, you need to plan ahead to ensure it all goes smoothly and ends in the improvements you seek. Here are five steps to being prepared for home additions in Gilbert, AZ.

  • Know what you want: Never go in without a plan. Start by considering what you see as missing in your home. What is the purpose of your addition? Home offices have much different functions than guest bedrooms or game rooms, so working from what you want is a great starting point. If you are technology-oriented, try using a computer-aided design program to craft a floor plan or simply sketch ideas on graph paper. If you would rather have a professional designer offer you concepts, be prepared to explain your vision and the reason for the addition. Designers can create options and help you choose the best layout for your needs.
  • Review all options: An addition may seem to be the obvious solution. If an area lacks space, why not just add more square footage? However, the problem could be an inefficient use of space rather than a lack of it. A master bedroom that appears crowded may benefit from the installation of a better closet system or even a walk-in closet. Cluttered areas may be best served with built-in cabinets and shelves. Additions are high-cost projects and with the right creative design to existing space, your ends may be best served with remodeling. Speaking with professional designers and contractors can help work out these issues. Even if you have a plan or vision, go into the project with an open mind for new ideas.
  • Make a decision: Depending on the property use laws, additions can be built in any direction and in many shapes and sizes. Once again, this goes back to the original plan and the reasons for addition. A home office, for example, may be a better space on an expanded second story rather than a bump-out from the living room. Making decisions with all this in mind results in the final build plans. The other part of this step is not just to fit a homeowner’s vision. Additions also need to pass the permit process, which can only be done if there is a final plan with details. If you hire a construction firm, its staff will normally fulfill this step for you, but they cannot be successful unless you decide on a final design.
  • Choose materials: Some building materials will be left to expert opinion. Insulation, electrical, foundations and windows may all be up to the contractor—who will need to review options with you first. Make sure that you are part of this decision making process so you know what is going into your addition. More aesthetic elements will be up to you. If you’re adding a bathroom to your home, be ready to choose countertops and flooring. You may also get the chance to choose exterior paint colors based on what best matches your home. While this all goes back to your reasons for the addition and plans for it, this is the step where you need to be prepared to deal with the smallest details so all needed materials will be on site and ready for installation.
  • Await the finished product: Once construction starts, expect some disruption. There will be dust, noise and people moving in and out of your site. You will likely perform some monitoring to make sure everything is up to expectations and that all work performed meets quality standards. Your best strategy at this step is to choose a trustworthy construction team. If you are looking at hiring contractors for your home additions in Gilbert, AZ, call Five Guys Construction for a review of your plan and premises. We can offer advice and give you an estimate.

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