A Few Essential Seasonal Roofing Services in Gilbert, AZ for the Summer Months

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It seems as though every homeowner has a never ending “to do” list when it comes to home improvements and repair jobs—as soon as you cross one thing off of the list, something new takes its place and so the cycle continues on and on forever. Occasionally, however, there are things that should be on your to do list that never seem to make it there: seasonal requirements in particular.

When it comes to your home and seasonal services, the first place you should be turning your attention to is the roof, because while it might look just fine, what you’re not seeing could cause you all sorts of headaches in the wake of the blisteringly hot summer season. Take a look at a few necessary roofing services in Gilbert, AZ that you should be thinking about:

  • Inspection: One thing that should already be on your homeowner list is a roofing inspection—a professional should be taking a look at your roof annually and before the onset of summer is perhaps the best time. An inspection is going to ensure that all critical areas of your roof are given a once-over and any problems are noted. The report you receive from a roofing contractor will be instrumental in determining which services you need to invest in before issues have a chance to develop.
  • Shingle replacement: If you have a shingle roof in Arizona, one of the biggest problems you’re going to encounter over the years are shingles that become dried out and begin to curl. When this happens, all sorts of trouble can befall your roof, from blustery winds that tear them off altogether, to moisture that seeps in through the problem area to incite roof rot. Having shingles replaced before the summer sun and temps come around means preventing some of these issues before they have a chance to develop.
  • Tile cleaning and repairs: If you have a tile roof, replacing cracked or damaged tiles is equivalent to replacing shingles and should be undertaken before summer storms have a chance to compromise your roof. Also important for tile roofing is cleaning the tiles themselves, to protect them from debris buildups and organic growth that might take hold.
  • Gutter repair: Though gutters may be a part of your roof, they do more to protect the foundation of your home during heavy raining seasons, which makes it important to check and repair gutters and drains before you experience unseasonal weather. Clear your gutters of debris, check that they’re properly mounted and have a save jettison point for downspouts.
  • Flashing inspections and repair: Flashings are your roof’s saviors in areas where traditional materials meet, like at a chimney or ventilation point. Flashings will keep water from seeping into your roof’s weaker areas, while also serving to anchor convergences. Make sure they’re not rusted out or missing completely!

Now, if your to do list is already too long and you’re not so sure of your ability to make roofing updates for the impending summer season, give Five Guys Construction a call! We’ll happily help you to take these essential roofing services in Gilbert, AZ off of your list for you, giving you peace of mind and the precious time you need to attend to other pressing matters.

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