Be Sure to Hire BBB-Accredited Roofing Contractors in Gilbert, AZ

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You’ve likely heard the Better Business Bureau (or BBB for short) talked about in advertisements, in the news or when seeking recommendations for quality services. But do you really know what the BBB is, and why you should always seek to do business with BBB-accredited companies whenever possible?

As BBB-accredited roofing contractors in Gilbert, AZ, we know all about the BBB, and we’re proud to be a part of it. We sometimes get questions from our customers about what exactly our accreditation means, so we thought we’d lay it all out for anyone who’s curious. Here’s a look at what the BBB is, and why you’ll always be glad you hired a BBB-accredited business.

What is the BBB?

First founded in 1912, the BBB is a nonprofit organization that seeks to increase and improve trustworthiness in the open market. The larger organization is made up of over 100 different branches all over the United States and Canada. These smaller divisions are responsible for giving out accreditations in their respective areas.

Because the BBB’s main goal is to advance transparency and honesty in business, their accreditations are based on these qualities. To gain BBB accreditation, a business must go through certain steps to prove its trustworthiness, including fulfilling all necessary bonding, insurance and permits; demonstrating honesty in its advertisements; and complying with any independent BBB investigations or reviews.

A business must maintain at least a “B” grade from the BBB to keep its accreditation; the highest grade possible is an A+.

What do I get from hiring a BBB-accredited business?

So with all that having been said, you might still be wondering: what exactly do you get from hiring BBB-accredited roofing contractors in Gilbert, AZ?

Well, when the BBB reviews a business for a potential accreditation, it looks for eight key qualities in that business, called the “BBB Standards for Trust.” Those eight standards are: Build Trust, Advertise Honestly, Tell the Truth, Be Transparent, Honor Promises, Be Responsive, Safeguard Privacy and Embody Integrity.

If the BBB chooses to accredit a business after reviewing it for these eight standards, that means the business meets all of them. In turn, when you hire that business, you won’t have to worry about dishonesty, poor communication, false advertising or a breach of your privacy. You’ll be guaranteed a business transaction full of integrity, transparency and mutual respect.

How can I find BBB accredited roofing contractors in Gilbert, AZ?

Here’s one of the handiest things for consumers about the BBB: the organization’s website has a database of all of its accredited businesses that is easily searchable by category. Whether you’re looking for a caterer, tutoring service, mechanic, gardener, roofing contractor or anything else, the BBB website will help you find a reputable business in or near your city. You can even read the BBB’s full report on the business on its website, so that you can be completely sure that it’s the right business for you.

And if you’re in search of BBB-accredited roofing contractors in Gilbert, AZ, remember: you’re always welcome to call Five Guys Construction!

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