Why Shingle Roofing in Gilbert, AZ Might Be Just What You Need

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At Five Guys Construction, we’re famous for knowing our way around a rooftop. We’ve done hundreds and hundreds of roofs in the area, and have providing a full range of roofing services ranging from basic repairs to all-new roof installation. If you’re in need of a new roof, Five Guys Construction is absolutely the business to hire for the job.

Working on so many different roofs and with so many different materials over the years, we’ve learned a few things about what makes each material useful and unique. One of the most popular options, for a number of reasons, is shingle roofing in Gilbert, AZ. Here’s some insight into why shingle roofs have been a popular choice for so many years.

  • Cost efficiency: Many homeowners choose shingle roofing materials based on price alone. We don’t recommend making the choice without weighing all of the important factors, but it’s pretty impossible to argue with the fact that quality roofing shingles can be purchase for very low prices. Even better, the cost efficiency isn’t limited to the materials themselves, as you’ll soon learn.
  • Durability: Part of why shingles are such a great deal is that, in addition to not costing much in the first place, they tend to last for a very long time. In terms of bang for your buck, you can’t really do better than shingles.
  • Ease of installation: Another reason shingles are an economically savvy choice is because they’re incredibly easy to install. It’s still in your best interest to have professional roofers like the team at Five Guys Construction handle your roofing installation, but at least you can count on it being relatively inexpensive.
  • Variety of options: If you think roofing shingles just come in a single grayish-black option, think again. You can actually choose from amongst a sizable variety of colors, textures and appearances, so your roof can actually look unique or be an expression of your personal taste.
  • Light weight: It’s not hard to see why the cost of shingles is so appealing, because here, again, is another reason they’re inexpensive: they’re very lightweight. It’s part of why they’re so easy to install, and their light weight also means they won’t put too much weight on your roof.
  • Low maintenance: While shingle roofs don’t generally require a whole lot of maintenance, it’s definitely possible for shingles to become damaged or loose. Fortunately, they’re about as easy to remove and replace as they are to install in the first place.

Shingles certainly aren’t the only option when you’re in need of a new roof, but hopefully the reasons listed above offer some valuable clues as to why shingle roofing in Gilbert, AZ has been the go-to material for so many of Five Guys Construction’s customers. If you have questions about shingle roofing or are interested in hiring us for repairs or new roof installation, give us a call today. We’re happy to discuss the benefits of shingle roofing and help you determine what may work best for your home.

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