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Most homeowners are easily able to identify parts of their home that need some restorative work done to them, but few are able to say exactly what needs doing to bring about a more up to date aspect of their homes. And, even fewer still are able to offer up the skills needed to facilitate a transformation, which is why Five Guys Construction is pleased to offer our services as a general contractor in Gilbert, AZ.

One of the most common questions we get in regards to home remodeling or home upgrades has to do with materials. People often wonder what the advantages of one material are over another, what the cost comparison between materials is and other such questions regarding the physicality of different material options. There’s no easy answer and almost always, a person’s choice in remodeling materials comes down to a few different variables:

Cost and budget

Cost and budget are two very big pieces of the same puzzle when it comes to addressing different types of materials and their applications. Basically, cost is going to create tiers of different material types that you can then use to pair your budget with your expected outcomes. For example, granite and hardwood are two top tier, high cost materials for a kitchen remodeling job, while laminate and vinyl are two lower tier, lower cost options.

When it comes to picking materials, many homeowners will examine cost and budget breakdowns first, simply to see what types of materials are available to them based on their available funds.


Application is another heavy variable in deciding exactly what types of materials are right for a renovation or remodeling application. If you consider your bathroom for example, you might forgo something like granite for your countertops, simply because your bathroom isn’t usually a place that would warrant granite. On the flip side, you might upgrade your flooring to be tile, since you’ll have to worry about heavy cleaning and constant use.

Considering the application can get you a long way when it comes to truly understanding the benefits of one material over another and working with a general contractor in Gilbert, AZ will certainly shed light onto your options.

Aesthetic and wear

Finally, one of the simplest ways to judge different materials is on how they look. This categorical analysis of different materials actually opens up your options a bit more, simply because some lower cost materials can mimic high end aesthetics, while also providing you with the high resilience you want from a material. Coriander and even vinyl can mimic stonework patterns, for example.

When considering aesthetic, you also need to consider the wear and tear of a material in its prospective application. If you choose a hardwood floor over linoleum, for example, consider how that material is going to hold up to abuse in the area you’re placing it.

Being able to consider all of the variables that go into making a material decision will result in a better finished product, not to mention a more complete understanding of what you’re getting for your money. Talk with a Five Guys Construction general contractor in Gilbert, AZ today to learn more about the right way to approach materials before you get started on a home remodeling or renovation project.

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