Five Cost-Effective Home Additions in Gilbert, AZ that Pay for Themselves Over Time

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Making the decision to expand your home through a home addition in Gilbert, AZ isn’t something that’s decided on a whim—in fact, it’s probably something that you start to think about after you’ve run out of options in regards to expanding the usable space in your home. Home additions can be expensive and invasive if not approached correctly and worse yet, if you’re not sure of exactly what type of space you need added to your home, you might find yourself with an addition that does little in the way of expanding your quality of life through the introduction of more space.

Not to worry, however—if you’re worried about pouring money into a home addition, but aren’t sure of the space you’ll need to feel satisfied in your investment, we’ve compiled a list of five home additions in Gilbert, AZ that will pay for themselves in time. Take a look:

  1. An extra bathroom: It’s hard to add a space to your home that’s smaller than a bathroom, which puts this little addition at the very bottom of the scale. And while it might not seem worth it to expand your home’s square footage by adding a bathroom, being able to tack on a full or half-bath will be handy in your day-to-day life, as well as when it comes time to list your home on the market for sale.
  2. A kitchen expansion: Kitchens are probably the most used room in a home, which makes them prime candidates for additions. Expanding your home with an addition that benefits the kitchen is something you’ll continue to be rewarded for into the future—whether you’re hosting a party that’s centered in the kitchen or you’re giving thanks for the extra space that has allowed to you cook fluidly.
  3. Another bedroom: Whether you’ve got an elderly parent moving into your home to be cared for or the time has come to give your kids their own rooms, adding a bedroom to your home is an easy way to give yourself space that’s functional and versatile. Use it as intended, as a bedroom, or turn it into a home office somewhere down the line—the choice is yours!
  4. A laundry area: Another small-scale home addition in Gilbert, AZ that you might not even realize your home had the potential for until you experience it! Instead of walking down to the basement to do your laundry or worse, heading out to the Laundromat to get it done, you can enjoy a cozy space that’s big enough for a washer, dryer and table, to give you yet another functional area of your home.
  5. A sunroom: If you’re going to go all out and want to add a home addition in Gilbert, AZ that truly has multiple beneficial factors associated with it, a sunroom is the pinnacle of perfection. Sunrooms can be used for just about any need you may have and are also great value-added prospects for a home. Plus, you’ll give yourself a space that’s highly enjoyable—more so than some of the more functional ideas on this list.

Remember, all of these home additions have one thing in common: they’ll pay for themselves over time, whether through the function and use you get out of them or through the value they put back into your home when you put it on the market for sale.

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