A Closer Look at Five Guys Construction: What Does HAAG Certification Really Mean?

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One of the biggest sources of pride for Five Guys Construction are our numerous accreditations and certifications, which helps us to project a more professional business image to anyone seeking our services. But, far and above just having these accreditations for show, we take pride in them because they enable our contractors to achieve a higher understanding of what’s expected of them when they take on a job.

One such certification that we’re exceptionally proud to showcase is our HAAG certification. For those who don’t know, HAAG certification is a standard in the roofing and insurance evaluation industries, which helps contractors to obtain a high level of authority when it comes to inspecting and making recommendations about what needs to be done to a home to ensure safety, quality and sustainability moving forward.

HAAG certification isn’t a term to take lightly and not just anyone can say that they’ve been able to achieve it: it’s reserved for a few top-level roofing contractors in Gilbert, AZ who have put in the effort to truly become leaders in their industry.

The best of the best

At Five Guys Construction, many of our upper management employees and our site-managers are HAAG certified and because of this, we’ve achieved distinction above those other roofing contractors in Gilbert, AZ who may lack this title. People know that when they call us and a HAAG certified contractor is sent to examine their roof, they’re going to get the best prognosis for service, no matter what the outcome may be.

Our strive to obtain this high-level certification has also opened the door for numerous other opportunities that have furthered our reputation in the industry. For example, it has helped us to win contract bids for jobs that require a superior demonstration of quality, thoroughness and responsibility.

What does it take to become HAAG certified?

As mentioned, HAAG certification isn’t just something you apply for and receive after a waiting period or fee—it’s something that’s earned, and not easily might we add!

To become HAAG certified, prospective candidates must attend a highly intensive three-day learning period where they’re taught comprehensive techniques required for inspection and evaluation. From there, learned skills are evaluated and tested, leading to accreditation. But, it doesn’t stop there! Certifications are tested even after being active and must be reprised to maintain the title, ensuring that those once certified must remain at the top of their game to keep the designation.

What does it mean for you?

Why choose a roofing contractor in Gilbert, AZ that sports HAAG certification over one that doesn’t? Well, aside from working with the best of the best in the industry, you’ll also have peace of mind that the work being done on your roof is comprehensive, thorough and sustainable, instead of just a quick fix.

At Five Guys Construction, our motto is “permanent solutions to temporary problems” and our HAAG certifications contribute to this slogan. When we’re working on your roof, we’re truly striving for sustainability—which is more than can be said for someone who might not have the knowledge or understanding that HAAG certification provides.

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