How to Best Utilize Your Space During a Kitchen Remodel in Gilbert, AZ

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Remodeling certain rooms of your home is a great way to get the most out of them as they apply to your everyday life. The kitchen, for example, can be tailored to meet your everyday needs through an extensive remodeling job—and, if done correctly, can increase the functionality, aesthetic and overall comfort of this room. However, the one thing that seems to remain a challenge for many homeowners, even after a comprehensive remodel of their space, is the way the physical dimensions of a room are utilized.

It happens all too often: plans are drawn up for a kitchen remodel in Gilbert, AZ, budgets are set, amenities are put in place and work begins… only to deliver a finished product that looks great, but which doesn’t quite meet your needs in regards to available space. Thankfully, the issues of space and space utilization can be proactively considered when you’re working with a trusted remodeling contractor like Five Guys Construction.

Accommodation for all

Before any kitchen remodel in Gilbert, AZ begins, it’s necessary to think about what’s going to take up physical space in this frequented room of the home and how your ideal floor plan accommodates all of these things. A good way to think about it is to take into account your major appliances first (fridge, dishwasher, range, etc.) and consider the operational dimensions of these appliances, since they’ll be the most used items in the room.

For example, your fridge doesn’t just take up the space that it occupies while it’s closed: it also needs space for doors to be opened, drawers to be pulled out and a person to maneuver in front of it while they’re accessing it. The same applies for all major appliances.

Once you’ve dictated the appropriate amount of space needed to house your crucial amenities, it’s time to move on to cabinets and countertops. Often, these are focal points of a kitchen remodel in Gilbert, AZ, which makes them candidates for consuming large swaths of real estate. It’s important, however, to position your storage and workspaces so that they’re easily access, but non intrusive to the overall layout of your kitchen.

Mobility and accessibility

The absolute worst thing that can happen during a kitchen remodel is an oversight on mobility. Think about it—your kitchen is one of the most active rooms of your home, which means it’s going to need space for more than just one person to maneuver in at any given time!

Be sure that your kitchen is correctly laid out to offer seamless mobility for multiple people at once, or at the very least, that it offers mobility without hindrances in the form of appliances or obstacles. Being able to dedicate a portion of your kitchen’s real estate to free space is what truly defines a quality kitchen remodel and it’ll show when you’re hard at work in your newly redesigned space.

To prevent yourself from succumbing to a kitchen remodel that’s not quite as good as it could’ve been with the right space utilization, make sure that you’re trusting Five Guys Construction with your kitchen remodeling plans. We’ll help you to make the most out of your space and deliver a finished layout that is equally beautiful and functional.

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