“Why is my Roof Leaking?”

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“Why is my roof leaking?” You probably hope that you never have to ask this question, but unfortunately, if you’re not careful, you might find yourself among the masses who have experienced water in their homes, dripping from up above.

A roof leak is one of the worst things to deal with in a home and signals that some part of your roof isn’t doing its job. This idea brings us full circle, back to the question on everyone’s mind: “why is my roof leaking?”

Five Guys Construction can generally narrow down a roof leak to a few different possibilities, as these are the most common reasons for a leaky roof. When we arrive on site to perform a leak repair in Gilbert, AZ, here’s what we’re looking for:

Unsealed skylights

A skylight is a beautiful addition to a home and can pave the way for a whole new aesthetic of natural light in your space. However, if not installed and sealed properly, it could also be the source of water in your living space. Skylights can appear sealed at first glance, allowing only a small trickle of water to come through, but over time, water will degrade the sealant, creating a full access point for water that requires extensive leak repair in Gilbert, AZ.

Damaged flashings

Whether your flashings are damaged, missing or just improperly installed, they’re a frequent source of leakage when it comes to roof leaks. Flashings are meant to seal your roof at key points from intrusive water, but if they’re not secured properly, they’re not able to do their job. If you haven’t had your roof replaced in many years, you might have rusted or eroded flashings that require replacement immediately.

Worn materials

How old is your roof? When’s the last time you had materials patched or replaced? If you don’t know or can’t remember, there’s a good chance that your roof is leaking because it’s simply giving in to old age! You can’t expect your materials to last forever, which is why it’s crucial to pay attention to them and have shingles, tiles and foam roofs maintained and repaired over time. Even older roofs can stand up to the elements if they’re given a leg up over the years.

Fastener damages

Fasteners can be pulled up in high winds or erode after years of heavy rains, leaving your roof vulnerable to moisture. What’s worse, even if this moisture doesn’t make it directly into your living space, it could cause mold growth to take hold out of sight, creating a whole new issue for you to deal with. Make sure that all of your fasteners are securely in place by having an annual roofing inspection and if possible, ask that your roof’s underside be inspected for any moisture buildups or mold indications.

All in a days work

It can’t be stressed enough, the importance of having your roof inspected, maintained and repaired annually. All of the problems listed above can lead to a need for leak repair in Gilbert, AZ, but similarly, all of them can be avoided by simply paying attention to your roof.

Have Five Guys Construction come out and take a look at your roof today, before you’re faced with an emergency leakage situation that threatens the entire interior of your home!

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