The Six Most Common Roofing Issues

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Despite being one of the most resilient components of your home, your roof can quickly develop issues that render it more of a problem than a solution. It’s important to understand the most common roofing problems, which is why Five Guys Construction is highlighting them here, along with solutions to each. Read on to learn more!

  1. Lack of maintenance: This is the number one roofing problem to look out for and the one that you as a homeowner have the most control over. Have your roof inspected and maintained annually, so as to avoid major issues that might develop over time without any attention.
  2. Poor installation or sub-par workmanship: Five Guys Construction offers only the highest quality workmanship standards to each of its customers. Not all companies can say this about themselves and in fact, there are many roofing companies out there who are content with doing sub-par work. In the end, this is going to effect your roof in a detrimental way, leaving you with issues that a quality contractor will need to address.
  3. Leaks and moisture: It doesn’t take much to get a homeowner’s attention when it comes to water leaking from the roof. Roof leaks are a common occurrence in roofs that aren’t properly maintained and if you encounter excess moisture, it’s best to call for leak repair in Gilbert, AZ immediately.
  4. Blow-offs, tenting and billowing: Wind and rain can take their toll on roofing but wind especially can have lasting, damaging effects on a roof. When there are issues with your flashing, your roofing materials may not be properly secured against high winds, leading to blow offs, tenting and billowing, and ultimately, a need for leak repair in Gilbert, AZ.
  5. Shrinkage: If your flashings appear to be pulling away or you notice surface tension and cracking on your roof, you might be looking at shrinkage! This occurs when roofing is exposed to temperatures that dry out the uncured membrane materials that support it, causing them to shrink inward.
  6. Improper ventilation: Ventilation is key on any roof, since it dictates the buildup of moisture just below the surface of the roof. Roofs that aren’t properly vented can experience mold and mildew growth, weakened structural issues and more. Five Guys Construction has seen a variety of roofing issues that come about as a result of improper roof ventilation, so it’s important to have your ventilation system inspected, along with your roof, annually.

These are just six of the most common roofing issues that can plague a home—the full gamut is vast and can depend on your individual home and situation. Always remember, however, that no matter what type of roofing issue you encounter or deal with on an ongoing basis, Five Guys Construction is here to assist you in expertly resolving it—from replacing your flashings to prevent blow-offs, to leak repair in Gilbert, AZ, to prevent moisture damage in your home.

Give us a call today for a roofing inspection and we’ll give you a thorough status update about one of your home’s most important aspects.

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