Wind Driven Rain – “How Can We Help?”

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Wind Driven Rain – Five Guys Construction Can Help!

Many homeowners are always at a loss following the destruction of their properties during flood storms and hurricanes. A majority thinks that by having flood insurance then they will also receive compensation for wind driven rain damages.

The failure to understand the difference between the two types of insurance often leave the policy holders with no choice but to dig deeper in their pockets when they realize that the damages that occurred in their properties are not covered by the flood insurance. This therefore calls for a keen interpretation while applying for the policies so that you understand the fine print to avoid any future inconveniences.

Wind driven rain undertakes to offer compensation for the damages arising from an opening in the wall or in the roof that have been caused by the direct force of wind, hail or hurricane. The catch word for compensation for wind driven damages to be relevant is that there must be an opening in the roof or the wall and the opening must be a direct result of wind actions. Therefore damages caused to the interior of the building by rains, floods, snow, dust, etc. will not be liable for any compensation since the causative agent is not wind.

But there are a lot of things that homeowners can do to avoid feeling the pain of being denied compensation to repair their property after destruction by hurricanes. With adequate preparation, it’s possible to secure your homes and be ready for any eventuality that might arise as a result of wind driven rain, hurricane or floods.

This begins with seeking the services of professional construction experts such as the Five Guys Construction to come and carry out a complete audit of your structures and recommend the necessary measures to make them more secure. Arizona is known to be prone to some devastating rains, especially after summer and adequate preparation is the best way to avert any disaster and stay safe during the storms.

Five Guys Construction has license, trained professionals with years of experience working with insurance companies due to wind driven rain, helping to get your roof repaired or replaced. If insurance is not necessary we can get most roof repairs done in 1 day, and guarantee that repair for existing life of the roof. Give Us call at 480-892-5311 to get your roof repaired today!

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