Tile Roof Repair – Repair Your Tile Roof for Arizona Monsoon Season

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Arizona is known to experience monsoon immediately after the sweltering temperatures in summer. Monsoon is characterized by heavy rains with very strong winds that can damage any weak structures they find on their way. Tile roofs are one of the victims that normally feel the effects of the monsoon. It weakens and removes the tiles and shingles forcing repairs immediately after the rains. But all these can be prevented by preparing your tile roof in advance before the rainy season begins. Here is how to go about it-:

Inspect your Arizona tile roof

Get a qualified tile roofing contractor in Arizona to conduct a thorough inspection of your roof before the monsoon. The contractor should be able to identify any missing or loose parts of the roof such as shingles and tiles. He should also be able to detect if the underlying sealant has been damaged and basically look for any other defects that may compromise the strength of the roof during the storms.

Make any necessary repairs

Based upon the inspection report of the contractor, prepare to carry out any necessary repairs that shall be recommended. It is imperative that all cracks and leaks be repaired so as to prevent any water from getting into the building during the rains. Lose shingles and tiles should also be tightened to give them the necessary strength to withstand the strong winds. In case any is broken, it should be replaced with a new one as soon as possible.

Take care of the environment around the house

Monsoon won’t affect the roofs in isolation. The strong winds have the capability to bring down trees or hurl at the house carelessly lying objects which may end up breaking the windows. It’s therefore important that you don’t leave anything lying carelessly around the compound. You should also trim overgrown trees around the house as they can damage the tile roofs should they get broken by the strong winds and fall on the tile roofs.

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