The Importance of Roof Inspection

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The Importance of Roof Inspection

The roof normally consumes a considerable amount of investment in the development of any home. When it becomes weak or starts to experience any deterioration, the whole house is at a risk of getting compromised as roofing problems can extend and affect other component of the house such as the walls. Therefore the importance of roof inspection and regular maintenance cannot be ignored by anyone who is serious about the life spans of their roofs. This should not be an expensive experience if you align yourself with experts like Five Guy Construction. Here are some reasons why regular roof inspection is important.

Visual inspection

Regular roof inspection will enhance the life span of every roof as it will allow the experts to notice any defects on the roof sections or the components used to fix the roof together. This should be done by qualified roof experts who walk through the roof while keenly looking out for visible defects that can point to further deterioration of the inner components. There are a number of such qualified roofing experts in Arizona who can help with the visual inspection.

Moisture Surveys

Moisture and water infiltrations are some of the inherent problems that the roofing industry still grapples with up to this date. Moisture infiltration can compromise on the insulation of the roof, make materials like wood to rot and cause serious damages to the structure. It is thus important to have regular moisture surveys on the roof to ensure that it’s not at any risk of the devastating effects of moisture or water infiltration.

Wear and tear

The process of wear and tear will start immediately the roof is exposed to the environment. Though this is a natural process, it can sometimes be aggravated by harsh weather conditions such as high temperatures or very low temperatures that can make some roofing materials contract and damage sections of the roof. For this reason, the importance of roof inspection becomes paramount as it will facilitate the quick discovery of such damages which will then call for quick repairs to save the rest of the roof.

Five Guys Construction has license, trained professionals that can inspect, find and fix any leak, in any roof! We can get most roof repairs done in 1 day, provide you with a quote to replace the roof if necessary. We guarantee  roof repair for existing life of the roof or have 5, 10 and 15 year warranties on roof replacements. Give Us call at 480-892-5311 to get your roof inspected today!




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